Top 10 Interview questions private tutors should prepare for the Selection process

Being a tuition teacher is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable and there are opportunities to strike a work-life balance since you are your own boss as a private tutor; you are answerable to no one else but yourself. In fact, one of the best jobs a student can have is to be a part-time home tutor. This has high job security, good pay, and they will learn a lot through the experience by tutoring younger children.
As far as job security is concerned, as a tutor, if the job is done with honesty and of the effort is being put in, tutors will benefit a lot and students will have plenty of respect for them. Students will hire you as their tutor for as long as they require and once everything comes to an end and examinations are over, if your teaching has truly made an impact and benefitted them, the kids you tutor might even recommend you to their juniors. It’s a domino effect and it’s in your hands as a private tutor to develop your career. There are things you need to know to become a home tutor and one of them is the kind of interview questions that you might be asked before a tuition agency chooses to display your profile in their webpage.

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The top ten interview questions that you may be asked are:

Question #1: What is your area of expertise in teaching and how will that benefit your students?

Question #2: How would you keep your students motivated?

Question #3: What would you do when it gets difficult to handle your students (due to misbehavior, etc.)?

Question #4: What are the expectations you have for your students?

Question #5: How would you communicate with your students’ parents?

Question #6: Would you track your students’ progress and discuss it with their parents?

Question #7: How will you monitor your students’ progress?

Question #8: What are the pros and cons of being a private tutor, according to you?

Question #9: How would you supply your students with resources?

Question #10: According to you, how should the relationship between a home tutor and a student be?

These are some of the important questions that you may be asked during an interview. The idea of an interview is to test your understanding of the job being a private tutor and to assess if you are up to bar according to the tuition agency’s standard of how a tutor should be. Everyone has high expectations and everyone wants the best pick. In order to benefit mutually, the interview process has to be a little strict and if you choose to opt yourself for it, you need to be prepared and know exactly what you are going to do.
Part of the interview process may be for you to write a personal statement about yourself and how you are as a private home tuition tutor. This is for interviewers to have an idea as to what kind of a tutor you are, which will help them to filter through their employee options more easily.

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It’s a matter of ‘‘selling’’ yourself by writing self-praising sentences about your prowess, about how you have all necessary qualities that befit a great tutor. This may sound amusing, but it is absolutely necessary to present yourself as the right tutor. You might take some creative liberty while writing an elaborate profile about yourself in order to be the attractive one among the lot but it is essential to keep in mind that you should never go off tangent, and still stick within the boundaries of reality. Be convincing in a truthful and captivating way and that will help you hit the target.

Heading for an interview with a general idea of what you may be asked will be beneficial for you so that you can be prepared to a certain extent. However, you should not over-prepare yourself because that will become counterproductive. Leave some space for creativity and spontaneity, and that will help you perform well!