Top 10 questions to ask while choosing a primary school

Are you planning to send your little champ to school? Have you researched well for the best school in your locality? If not, then you must do it now. Else later you will regret it in the long term. The primary schools form the basis of a child’s future and thus, it needs to be the most optimum in terms of academics, games, co-curricular activities, staff and much more. Here is a list of questions you need to ask before you finalize a decision. Here is a list of questions you need to ask before you finalize a decision:

Choosing a Primary School

Q1: What are the aims of the school for brighter future?

You need to get a clear idea of where the school is heading. In this, the leaders of the school can guide you better regarding their outline, plans and policies, on which the school plans to progress on.

Q2: Will they prepare your child for entrance exams?

Well, you need to accept that the competition is rising higher day by day. It is important for the students to raise their standards in order to stand apart from the crowd and schools play a major role in achieving this. Thus, do check how the staff and the environment will help your child to get ready for the future challenges.

Q3: What kind of curriculum exists over there?

Every school has its own curriculum and same is the case with teaching style. Asking this question is a way to ensure that your child gets a balanced and broad course. It might include exams, homework, games or creative projects.

Q4: What about the rewards and punishment?

Often, it is ignored by the parents. However, it holds a great importance in the overall bringing up of your child. They need to be rewarded for their achievements and should be punished for their mistakes. If the primary school is working on this, it is a good choice.


Q5: What types of extra-curricular activities are offered?

Besides exams, homework, etc. there is a dire need of extra-curricular activities too. It revitalizes the students from time to time and boosts their interaction with staff and other students. Therefore, it can include lunchtime clubs, sports teams, school trips, dance classes, etc.

Q6: How do they involve the parents?

An active participation of parents is a must-have. So, keep a check on how often the school provides you with the opportunity to interact directly with the teachers and students. It plays a vital role in the child’s learning. It can be in various forms like parent-teacher meetings, short trips, school plays, assemblies, etc.

Hence, if you find a school, which fits well into the aforementioned criteria’s, you can get your child enrolled there!