What are the Top 6 Tips to Boost your IB Grades?

The drastic changes in our education system have caused students to change their study techniques and approach to learning new concepts in order to keep up with the fast pace. As far as the International Baccalaureate programme is concerned, more and more students are seeking IB home tuition in Singapore in order to maintain academic excellence.

IB home tuition
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Private tutors in Singapore are gearing up themselves for the influx of students as many are also venturing into options like online tuition . This is a trend that’s seen especially with the strike of the pandemic since home-based learning  has become the norm.

Students are seeking new ways to boost their IB score to make the cut with stellar grades. The struggle that students go through can be alleviated if they seek the right guidance and follow the right study methods!

Here are Top 6 Tips to Boost IB Grades!


International Baccalaureate is a programme that encourages students to approach education in a creative manner. Students learn, apply and innovate in their learning journey and all this can be overwhelming in the initial stages. Remaining competent and capable is important to have a secured place in the school throughout. Often times, the greatest fear among students is the fear of falling out and not being able to catch up with the rigour.

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Qualified IB tutors in Singapore would be able to give the best form of guidance for students. The IB curriculum is certainly not easy and one cannot breeze past it. Students need a support system be it though primary years program, middle years program or through diploma program. 


Being organised with a good schedule is of utmost importance for an IB student. With a mountain-load of work to do, students would often mix up the deadlines or miss their submission dates if they do not have clarity about which tasks need to be prioritised. By creating a schedule and organising tasks, everything will be put into perspective. Students will get a macroscopic view of everything.

being organised
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A schedule should particularly be rigid and well-planned before an examination. An exam timetable ensures that students can revise all of their work before the exam arrives. Each subject will be given sufficient amount of time and attention and in this way, students can perform equally well in all their subjects.


Beavering away by finishing assessment books and practice papers is not a healthy way of learning. It is important for students to realise what they are lacking in, and do the necessary to fill in their learning gaps. More time needs to be dedicated to identify knowledge gaps and the appropriate actions need to be taken to patch up those gaps.

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When students engage in mindful practice, they would be able to learn much more effectively. Progress takes place at a much faster speed and it enables students to do exceedingly well in their examinations.


time management
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A large amount of time gets wasted when things are unplanned. When students are able to plan out their work and complete it without undue waste of time, there is greater efficiency. Using certain study techniques like Pomodoro technique will be useful for time management. When studying in 25-minute blocks, there will be a greater attention and each 5-minute break will be enough for rejuvenation.


Distractions such as phones and other gadgets can cause students waste their time unnecessarily. The best way to avoid distractions is to keep them away. Students could off their phones and shut down their laptop and keep them in another room. Or if the laptop is in use for studies, other distractive tabs (like social media) may be closed off.


Students need to break down their huge goal into smaller goals. Travelling one step at a time and achieving one small goal after another would be much easier and encouraging. Getting intimidated by the complexity of IB studies would cause students to remain in one position and struggle to move forward.

One has to take small steps to reach a bigger goal!