Top Creative Writing Prompts for Your Kids to use! writing is one of the methods that can help your child to enhance and strengthen their writing and reading skills, as well as to increase their ability to imagine and implement. Writing is an engaging process which gets innovative and fun if done with zeal and enthusiasm. It is recommended to inspire your children to take up creative writing to enhance their writing and articulation ability. This can be easily done with the help of some exciting writing prompts.

English tutor in Singapore carrying out tuition lessons for secondary school students, who have a set of tried and tested writing skills, therefore parent may want to consider engaging an English Tutor who can help to introduce some innovative writing skills to grow your child’s imagination and creativity in writing. When children ran out of ideas to write, a simple creative writing prompt or story starter can do the trick.

We have listed a few  creative writing tips or topics for your reference.

  • Write about what you see – you can ask the child to close his eyes and imagine an object in the room. Ask the child to recall all the things about the object without opening his eyes, this is to intrigue his imagination of the object. Thereafter, you can get him to start writing about how he feels about the particular object he had just seen, using his five senses to write out descriptive words about the object.
  • Who is your best friend and why do you like him/her.
  • What would you do if you had $1000 dollars? How would you use it?
  • What would you do if you were a superman?
  • Imagine you are on the tallest building in your city, what would you see?
  • What was the most boring thing you have done, explain it without making it sound boring?
  • What is the best thing you did in school that made you feel proud of yourself?
  • Pick your favourite cartoon character and write about why you like the character?
  • Write a poem about yourself, your favorite person, thing or animal.
  • Imagine you had a genie sitting by your bed one day when you wake up. The genie is willing to grant your three wishes. Describe what would they be and why?
  • Write about your favorite time of the year, and why you love it?
  • Write about the nicest thing that someone has done for you?
  • Write about an argument you had with a friend, how it made you feel and how you made up for it?
  • Who is your favourite idol and why?
  • Write about how it would be if you had a dog that could speak?

These are just a few topics which your child can explore on, there are endless writing prompts that you could inculcate good writing habits to your child. Do check out more online.