Top Peaceful Study Spots with Free Wi-Fi In Singapore

study place with free wifi

Are you finding Singapore a little too packed for your liking? Try looking harder a bit harder!

There are a lot of places in Singapore that you can call hidden gems. Places where not a lot of people will know about, or just areas rarely frequented by people. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to study, you don’t have to settle for the first available option.

Usually, that will be a Starbucks or some cafeteria in a shopping mall. Chances are these places will be full of like-minded people on the weekends. Instead, take a look around the more upscale neighborhoods; it would usually be less crowded.

What is makes searching for a place difficult is that some of these great places lack free Wi-Fi. This makes studying extremely difficult, especially if you need to access the internet. This is also the reason why Starbucks is such a popular place for students.

But for this list, we will try to avoid Starbucks as much as possible, with only one exception. In this list, we attempt to curate a selection of places where you can peacefully engage in your studies or work, with the benefits of free Wi-Fi. Do take note that some places, despite being providing free Wi-Fi, require an entrance fee.

Study Area @ JCube

While this place may not make the cut as the most peaceful study area due to the background noise of the shoppers in the vicinity, if you are the kind of person who needs background noise to study, then this place is the perfect place for you.

What makes this place a go-to study spot is the availability of vending machines providing on-demand food and beverages, so you can always compliment yourself with a hot meal from one of the vending machines.

Lowercase Café

Located near the Lasalle Campus, this eatery cum study spot has it all! If you are feeling all burnout, this functions as a great place to relax and recharge as well. It promotes a communal social concept and creates a cozy environment for you!

Added to that is the free Wi-Fi that is readily available, and you can see why it is so popular amongst students. From the juicy and tender smoked salmon dishes to the delicious indulgence of waffles and gelato, this place is perfect if you are looking for a hideout to study the entire day.

Toby’s Estate

Toby's Estate Singapore - juicy brew by the river | Pour-Over Only

This one is a no-brainer! Exceptional coffees and savory brunches are what make Toby’s Estate a perfect choice if you are near the Singapore River. Furthermore, the rustic ambiance lends it a snug feel that would be hard to find in other cafes in Singapore.

Twenty Grammes

Twenty Grammes Review: Pretty blue milk soft serve on yuan yang waffle

Hidden in the midst of Kampong Glam, this gelato café is well-known for its house-made waffles that complement the savory gelato. It will definitely blow your tastebuds out of the water. Having the ice-chilled sustenance while studying and enjoying the free Wi-Fi at Twenty Grammes is an experience unlike any other!

The Book Café

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For those looking for a place close to the comforts of your living room, this has been the place that fits the bill for many people. It is open to dine-in, and there is a printer that is free to use. Furthermore, the food is exceptional.

Community Center Study Areas

The study areas and lounges are often overlooked by a lot of students. Most are air-conditioned and offer free Wi-Fi and sockets to cater to laptop users. What makes it even better is that these facilities are close to your house.

This place may not be as popular as cafeterias because it does not have the scenic view and ambiance of places like cafes that are much more popular with youngsters. However, if you are looking for somewhere to study in peace and quiet, you should definitely check out your nearest community centers. They do not list it on any website, so you do have to dig around or make the trip down to check for it yourself.

Singapore Management University

Conveniently located near central Singapore, its open campus has many available study spots to cater to its students. What’s even better is that there are also hidden areas, which is excellent if you want some privacy to revise and study.

Starbucks @ Hillv2

While Starbucks has a reputation for being flooded with students, this one takes the cut as a hidden gem. Located near a somewhat isolated Hillview station on the Downtown Line, its obscurity has kept it from being too crowded even on the weekends. The surroundings are tranquil and scenic since this is in a more upscale neighborhood where there are no HDB estates around.

Changi Airport

As crazy as it seems, this is a popular place for students living in the East. The endless chains of F&B establishments, along with the added bonus of free Wi-Fi, make Changi Airport such a popular place to study.

Mix in the modern and posh decorations as well as having the distinction of being one of the best airports in the world, and you have a perfect spot to study in.


For those who still prefer the relative silence of the libraries, you will be glad to know that majority of the libraries in Singapore have been renovated as a part of an ongoing national effort. Now most libraries will be sporting a much more modern indoor look, with better amenities such as power sockets and seats for students and patrons. Just as with other public amenities, Wi-Fi is free!

These are some of the libraries which are a step above the rest.



Studying with a view of Sentosa sounds as posh as it can get. This library, with study tables overlooking Sentosa and the sea, is as scenic as it can get in Singapore. With the lull of the sea waves, embrace the stoic and lush ambiance of library@Harbourfront as you revise and flip through your study materials. The lighting is exceptional as well, so you won’t strain your eyes.

National Library

Hackers and robots: Inside Singapore's new libraries | GovInsider

Holding the distinction of the most well-known library, the main NLB building at Bugis has been the cornerstone of everyone students’ studying routine. Boasting a multi-level complex with specialized study lounges and a reference library, it’s no wonder why students are willing to travel here just to study.

The environment is extremely conducive, no thanks in part to the well-built layout and the convenience of multiple power sockets available for the patrons. For those who require research materials, this is the place to go, as the reference library contains a treasure trove of information that can help you in your study.

Bishan Public Library

Although this library is relatively small, it is not as crowded as any other public library located near HDB neighborhoods. If you are looking for an enjoyable and relaxing time to study without having to deal with crowds of visitors to the library, then this is the library to go to!

The study tables are spread out, so you will never find yourself being distracted by strangers. Furthermore, this libraries’ location is highly convenient. Located next to Junction 8 and the Bishan MRT station, there are plenty of food and beverage options that are budget-friendly. Hence you won’t have to worry too much about overspending.

Jurong Regional Library

Jurong Regional Library, Singapore | View through the librar… | Flickr

For those living in the West, this one’s for you. Boasting a four-storey building flushed with study tables, this is the most popular ‘study’ library for people living in the West.

However, beware that it might get a little crowded on weekends. Even with a large number of seats, you might not be able to find one if you are a tad bit late. Most students can be seen queueing outside the library even before the opening time of 10 AM on weekends.