Top ‘secrets’ of successful education system in Singapore!

Over the years, the Singapore education system has evolved radically. It is not constrained to the bars of academic excellence, rather now it has excelled in various arenas including sports, arts and IT. Now there are a number of specialized institutions, rendering the best environment to recognize and nurture the young talent in Singapore. Recently, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Program for International Student Assessment, stated that Singapore is one of the top performer in education world. But, what more interesting is the ‘secrets’, which lead it to this remarkable position today.
Education System

Have a sneak peek here:

  1. Encapsulating the best from world:

Inherited from the Singapore’s British colonial past, the education system here make use of all techniques and methods, which leads to the nation-building enterprise. The secondary education model is greatly influenced by the British A-level and O-level qualifications. Moreover, the best students are inspired to pursue their further education at the world’s leading universities by the national system of generous scholarships.

  1. Attracting teachers:

One of the best part of the education infrastructure in Singapore is that they focus greatly on educational investment. Believing in retaining the best graduates, they provide high salaries and thus, the teaching profession is in boom here.

  1. The elitist system:

Being one of the meritocratic system, it recognizes and appreciates the exceptional talent. Directing them towards public service, helps in promoting them and the system too. For the top-performing teachers with excellent leadership qualities, the door to Education Ministry and several administrate classes is always open. They are usually included as an important in forming out the policy work.

  1. Go-ahead approach:

Another fact differentiating the Singapore’s education system is their progressive approach. Whether it’s emphasizing on evolving fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, or embracing bilingualism with English, Singapore has always looked forward for better growth. This system believe in developing with time. Welcoming the global changes, the re-balancing is going on that also includes a number of ways to nurture creativity.

In all, the Singapore education model is the unique and most appropriate one to prepare the students for the competition and challenges of this century!