Tuition culture in Singapore – Changing the way we see it

Darrel Tan was scrutinized by harsh questions of reporter that, almost, blamed him of jumping into money making business instead of providing their service as an idol teacher at the school.

Darrel Tan wasn’t satisfied with what perspective his decision to run a tuition centre was presented with. Tuition is considered high paid money making profession with monthly tuition fees ranging from $250-$300. As reported, the expenditure of amount spent on tuition per year goes beyond 1 billion dollars.

While Tan does agree that there are tutors who just don’t bother with some critical factors affecting the learning capabilities and capacities of the students, he doesn’t deny that there are some idol tutors who stand against all critics.

Most of them promise B to A+ grade like it’s a magical trick for them and adds to the stress experienced by students. The expectations from parents grow even higher as they spend extra on private tuitions.

However, Tan explains that his institute isn’t just about making students cram or just struggle for grades; it’s about psychological development regarding the learning processes. Motivation, encouragement, rewards, and affection make integral parts of his institute, as per Tan.

Also, Tan explains that paying $300 as tuition fee might sound unjustified to many, but there are many facilities, tools, and arrangements of educational material that ask for expenditure. It’s not about maximum profit, rather it’s about delivering quality education with the best tools and content available.

Tan also emphasize on various factors associated with correct meaning of education. Passing examinations with good grades to secure the future is the most common notion followed in the present society. However, the student need to be liberated from the fear of failing. The less student fear of failure, more they will try to explore and learn the concepts clearly instead of just learning tricks to solve sums. The motivation, encouragement and correct reward on punishment principles interwoven around emotional techniques lies at the heart of any good tuition institute.