What is the Average Secondary Tuition Fees in Singapore?

Tuition is now a part of almost every student’s academic journey in Singapore at some point in their lives. It has been ingrained into the “kiasu” culture of Singaporeans. Almost every parent is trying to understand how it works and how much they have to pay for their child to receive tuition of the highest quality. Thus, here are estimated amounts on how much average secondary tuition fees in Singapore.

The cost of tuition depends on the qualification of the tutor primarily. The more qualifications and experience a tutor has in teaching, the greater he or she will charge to hold lessons. Here are the average ranges of how much secondary tuition will cost depending on the tutor’s qualifications.


For a tutor with A Level/Diploma, they will generally charge from $25 to $50 per hour. For an undergraduate, they may charge from $30 to $45. For a degree graduate or full-time tutor, they can charge from $40 up to $60 per hour. For current or ex-teachers, the cost will be even higher at $50 to $90. In some cases, tutors may charge more for upper secondary as compared to the lower secondary.

It could also depend on other factors such as the resources supplied to students, the activities arranged by the tuition centre, etc. Top tuition centres in Singapore usually have rates that are pretty high because of the combined effect of the above-mentioned factors. Expensive tuition rates do not necessarily correlate to the quality and standard. It doesn’t matter as much, so it’s alright to work within your budget.

The above range of cost is just a general guide for parents to judge the cost. Most of the time the actual cost will vary a lot and it will be up to parents to find the best quality tutors at reasonable costs. The cost for home tuition will also generally be higher than that of at tuition centres or at tutor’s homes, etc.

This is because home tutors have to spend much more time and effort to go to students’ houses. While tutors that teach students that come to their house will not have this difficulty. Sometimes, private tuition centre in Singapore may charge more due to the necessity for them to pay for the property that they use to teach their students.


Tuition is of great help for students, especially in this day and age when education has become much more difficult now then it was a decade ago. It will be a driving force for students to accomplish their academic goals. If you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers and the clarity achieved will pave the path for progress over time.

Gathering the right information about what will be the best option is essential and that is the way the right decision will be made as well. The average tuition fees in Singapore is reasonable. Though it may be expensive due to some factors, it is not something that parents have to stress about.