What is the preparation required to retake o level?

Retaking an examination has a huge social stigma attached to it and especially in a competitive society like Singapore where education is treated with such seriousness. Hence, students and their parents try to hide the fact that an examination is being re-taken because that affects the way others look at them. Nonetheless, it has to be done and often both parents and children do not have an idea as to how they can prepare for a re-take. 



This is probably one of the key things that students missed out on doing when they had worked towards their O levels in the first attempt. It may seem like a simple task but students miss out on doing this because it requires discipline to keep with the schedule of revisiting old topics as well as to catch up with news ones that are being taught. Students often complain that they do not have enough time to revise properly and this is mostly just an excuse; the real problem is time-management.


A student’s mindset is extremely important in helping them in succeed in every action. We may think that our mind, body and action are independent of each other, however, the well-being of one depends on the other. It is important to keep in mind that hard work takes time to manifest itself in the form of good results and hence it requires lots of patience. 

There is a social stigma about having to retake a paper because the society is as such. Relatives may comment on your plight unnecessarily or peers may things that might hurt your feelings, but it is essential to put aside emotions and accept everything that is happening. Work with determination no matter what others say!


You might be a late bloomer in academics and there is nothing wrong with that. All that it means is that you internalise information at a different pace as compared to others but the biggest advantage is that your memory retains details very well and you are much thorough with what you learn instead of just reading things in a touch-and-go manner. 

The key is to revisit topics you do not have clarity over and over again until you completely understand the concept. To test yourself if you have completely understood the concepts, you need to try explaining it to yourself or to others without taking a look at your notes. Given that you are able to explain the concept with clarity, it means you have internalized it and you can progress to the next step of applying the knowledge.


It may not be an easy journey since there are so many challenges associated with retaking O levels examination. Your mentality through this process has to remain optimistic and you need to believe in yourself that you get it done. When one puts his effort and positive thinking into whatever he does, it is sure to succeed!