What makes A Level Chemistry exciting for students?

Chemistry is a fundamental discipline that accounts for life at a molecular level; basically, it is an extremely fascinating subject.

A Level Chemistry

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So, let’s look at the ways in which A level chemistry can be made fun and engaging for students!


A-level chemistry is starkly different from that O-level chemistry. There is many more topics, much more content to memorise, each topic will be dealt with greater depth and application of content to answer exam questions is much more complex for A-levels. In a lot of ways, learning this subject may make you feel exhausted and helpless at some point in time. These negative feelings are mainly due to the fact that you feel alone in this battle.

Often times, lectures, tutorials and one-to-one consultations with school tutors will still not be enough to clarify your doubts and grasp what you are learning. With a private chemistry tutor, it will truly be a game-changer for you. With the extra help from your tutor, you will be able to understand abstract concepts with ease. Your A-level chemistry tutor will explain concepts in an engaging way and automatically the subject would not seem boring.


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Hands-on laboratory science experiences are critical to the learning process. Studies have shown that students who engage in well-designed laboratory experiences develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as gain lots of exposure in relation to the subject. Hands-on experiences inspire students to further their education and prepare them for high-technology careers by fostering skills that potential employers look for in their employees.

The practical sessions help reiterate everything learnt in theory and that is exactly why chemical experiments are given lots of importance in learning. The interest and curiosity sparked through experiment sessions will further motivate students to perform well in the examinations.

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Chemistry can be made engaging by explaining concepts in innovative ways and presenting content in interesting ways. It can be as simple as watching content-related videos or using chemistry analogies to understand concepts.

Using analogies is one of the most useful tools for helping learners to understand chemical concepts. Analogies compare abstract concepts to something more concrete, which learners can relate to in their everyday experience. Effective analogies can clarify thinking, help students overcome misconceptions, and allow visualisation of abstract content. Good analogies will enhance students’ learning and it will definitely make things fun and exciting.

ALL IN ALL, the subject may seem intimidating and difficult but one should not study the subject with such pre-conceived notions. Study with an open mind and use various strategies and methods to keep things interesting. With a chemistry tutor’s help, things will certainly be much easier as you will not feel lonely and helpless. Take your time and get in tune with the subject; you will turn out to love everything that you thought you would hate.