When to Get a Math Tutor for Your Child?

All children have a unique personality and no two are identical. There are many professional math tutors in Singapore, who have been providing excellent guidance to children for decades. Parents need to identify the need of a good Maths tutor at the right time, to ensure that the child gets the maximum help. We must keep in mind that some children manage to motivate themselves to do well, while others need a little push to excel. If parents feel that getting the services of a Maths tutor will help their child excel, then they should not delay seeking such help. Here is a list that will help parents identify the signs, of when a tutor is required.

Math Tutoring

1. Low Grades

If the parents feel that the child has the potential, but the grades are contradictory, it’s time to look for math tuition in Singapore. If the parent is noticing constant decline in grades then he should highlight this concern to the teachers. The teacher will be able to give the exact picture to the parents. The child might be facing a problem in reading Maths and subsequently understanding it too. She will also be able to pin point if the child has been distracted in class or is lacking focus.

2. Mismanagement of time

If the child is constantly lacking behind in his home work and postponing projects, he might be facing an issue of time management. A little delay or a few reminders are normal, but a constant lagging behind should be a warning sign for the parent. It is the parent’s duty to identify the subjects the child needs help with and assist him in improving his study habits. The parent can also provide him with motivation and look for a good maths tutor in Singapore, to assist him.

3. Constant State of Confusion

A child sometimes might not get the concept from day one and may lead himself to a state of complete confusion. The parent needs to observe the child carefully and deduce whether the slipping grades are due to a lack of understanding of the Mathematical concept or just an attitude to avoid work and study. But is the child is in constant anxiety and tries to be defensive when offered help, the parent should look for professional help. A tutor might be more successful in advancing his grades.

4. Lack of Confidence

If the child is feeling conscious about his inability to grasp a topic and fears the embarrassment of accepting failure at school, the parent needs to fix the problem as soon as possible. The child might be running away from a problem and losing confidence in the process. The parent needs to now appoint a tutor who can build confidence in the child regarding Maths and give him assurance of his success at it.