When to Get a Maths Tutor for Your Child?

With mounting tests, exams, homework and everything in between, parents sometimes face the dilemma of whether they should hire a tutor for their child. Perhaps one of the concerns would be if the tuition would be worth the time and money.

Maths is one of the subjects which a lot of students struggle with. It has become one of the more popular tutoring subjects. Mastering concepts and having the ability to problem solve is the key to scoring good results.  However, at some point, a lot of students feel that Maths can be really challenging. How can you tell if your child is struggling with Maths? What are the signs and how do you identify them? Here are some tips:

1. Low Grades

Poor exam or tests results are the best indicators that your child is not doing well. Whether it’s your child making careless mistakes or genuinely not knowing the answers, it is obvious that your child needs help. One way to find out the exact problem your child is having is perhaps to have a discussion with his or her teacher. You can additionally check your child’s tests or exam papers to see what went wrong and have a look at his homework scores to identify which topics he or she is struggling with. All his work in school will give you a good sign on what the problem is.

2. Poor time management

If you get feedback from teachers that your child is not handing his homework or projects on time, then it is a sign that your child is not spending enough time to do what is asked of him Review your child’s daily schedule. Is your child doing too much extracurricular activities after school?  Does your child get adequate homework or project supervision at home? If a child is finding homework too difficult and doesn’t get help from parents or teachers or tutors, chances are he or she will give up or do a poor job. A maths tutor can help address these problems. A good maths tutor will be able to supervise and teach the child the subject and encourage good study habits such as not giving up.

3. Constant State of Confusion

If your child does not understand the basic fundamentals of maths concepts, he or she will be in a constant state of confusion. The result of this confusion is the inability to do his maths with speed and accuracy. Again, the indicators to whether your child is as such are his grades. Children who are confused will feel that the subject is difficult and score badly and can become potentially very negative and eventually hating the subject. A patient and good maths tutor can help to turn it all around.

3. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence can put your child in an emotionally bad place. If the child is feeling conscious about his inability to get good grades in maths and feels embarrassed about it, hiring a tutor can help him or her improve his ability to grasp the subject, thus restoring confidence. There could be a chance that your child will try to run away or avoid the problem. Parents can encourage your child to face his fears by first being encouraging and then hiring a good tutor to help him with his grades.