Why Arts and Sports are an important part of Education?

School – a place where a kid learns the basic things of life. While the books educate them with the theoretical knowledge, extra curriculum like sports, arts and music help them learn the real essence of life. These curriculum help them in their overall development.

 Arts and Sports are an important part of Education

With the purpose to better educate children of all ages and prepare them for the real world, schools should take effective measures. A potential way is to provide them with many different outlets and opportunities where they can succeed. Arts and Sports are the two such streams.

Importance of Sports in Education

Playing a sport is not only good physically, but also socially. When students play on the playing field they learn to cherish relationships with new people and fellow players. Whether it’s baseball, softball, football, basketball or even hockey, the interaction between different individuals help children better understand the people and their surroundings.

Every child is different and has different likings. The more options their school provides them with, they get more chances to understand who they are and what they’d like to do in the future. Sports also give them a chance to unwind and enjoy the life to its full. Sports never make them feel as if it’s a choir. It’s meant to be enjoyable, fun and pleasing.

Importance of Arts in Education

Arts – the simplest building block for kids. The arts teach creative and innovative thinking. It allows them to think of new ideas, and better ways to get something done.

Arts classes are a niche for a few talented masterminds. The art in schools enrich, improve, and inspire the students. It speaks a universal language that anyone can understand and learn. It makes the world a more colorful place. Arts make students learn to take decision.


With all these benefits, arts and sports should be a mandatory part of the education