Why is it not necessary to debate whether tuition classes are beneficial?

It has become a necessity that students attend tuition in order to supplement their studies. The quality of education is much higher than it was a decade ago. The rigor has increased exponentially over the past decade. The education system aims to prepare students to specialize in specific fields. Students are compelled to continue progressing at a rapid rate. It becomes difficult to handle both academics in school as well as tuition work. Hence students fear the situation of being unable to handle both. Studies have become like a competition for students whereby they pin against each other. The stress about strategies and techniques to further push themselves to be better than others.

It is certainly not needed to debate on tuition classes are necessary or not because it has become an obvious fact that without start tuition sg, rarely students can survive. It is indeed difficult to excel with just working alone without proper guidance and hence tuition has become essential.



A smaller student to teacher ratio is an important factor that allows students to be so much more focused during lessons as there are no sources of distractions around them. In schools, however, there is a high chance of undue distractions, students may be exhausted. Tutors may even waste their precious time disciplining them to maintain a conducive learning environment. However, with home tuition sessions, there is a fixed time being allotted, during which students can learn comfortably and without distractions.


Every child will have unique learning style and learning needs. A good home tutor will be able to give personalized guidance and this is one of the biggest advantages. In private tuition, tutors will change their teaching methods and style, as well as techniques and strategies in order to suit the student they tutor.

Tutors are also well aware of the thin line of difference between guidance and molly-coddling. Home tutors will not always be kind because it is necessary to be strict when necessary. No matter how stringent they are, they will always be a huge source of motivation!


Another reason why it is not necessary to argue about whether tuition is beneficial or not is that tuition teachers provide resources that are extremely helpful. It supplements whatever that is being learned in class. Sometimes an extra explanation is required to understand some topics in much more depth. This is the reason why home tuition in Singapore also has free test papers and tuition assignments to train students. The practice is essential for students as they need to continue honing their skills and to get better, making fewer mistakes in each round of practice.


It is pretty obvious that private tuition has many advantages. But children may not understand the impact it could potentially have on them. Parents need to advise children on the benefits of home tuition and guide them in making the right choices!