Why Singapore kids are doing well in Mathematics?

Recently, in a league table based on test scores from 76 countries, it was Singapore that grabbed the first rank. This time it was based on testing abilities in math and science for 15-year-old students. In the list, it was Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan that respectively followed close to Singapore. And UK was on 20th place.

People across the world are amazed to see a city-state of just 5.5 million people ranking routinely at or near the top. This is probably the reason that UK is all set to adopt a similar structure from Singapore.

Here is a list of the reasons that make Singaporeans perform brilliantly;

  • Not only learning for a test, the structure focuses on mastery
    A major factor is the curriculum, which is drafted by the country’s Ministry of Education. It focuses on fewer topics, but with greater depth. So, the students here learn equations and also how the equation works.
  • Video and audio incorporation adds more to learning
    Often learning math begins with the concrete. Yes, they make use of blocks, cards, buttons, and so on. Singapore introduced the “pictorial” method of learning mathematics. Hence, it builds a bridge between the concrete and the abstract. The curriculum begins with hands-on group activities such as using different objects like buttons or dice to perform mathematical activities.
  • The trend to be the world’s math leader inspires
    If you think they just became leaders now, you need to know that the trend has long been set. It was in 1995, when the International Mathematics and Science Study started ranking countries competitiveness in math literacy. Since then,Singapore has always ranked amongst the best, always. That’s not all! There is a long list of such laurels.
  • The properly layered strategies
    A winning factor is one with strategies built upon another. This makes the structure different from the typical approach in other regions.

Definitely, this is not the end. There are many more reasons. However, these are the most important, making the world follow Singapore.