Will Home Tutors Be Replaced by Technology?

With the advent of technology, we are accomplishing things that we never thought we would achieve. Mankind is constantly persevering to make dreams come true and technology has an instrumental role to play in each and every one of them. Our teachers in school and home tutors teach us the importance to dream, and to dream big. Technology is an important aspect of turning these dreams into real-life events!

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With the rapid growth in technology, various aspects of life, including education, are undergoing drastic changes. Part of these changes includes the integration of technology in learning. Some regard this as an “infiltrative” phenomenon, whereas others are open to the co-existence of traditional classroom-style learning and online learning.

So, is it true that tutors will be replaced by technology? Will we take it that far in the future? Let’s take a look at whether this is practically possible!


Every unit of life in our body functions in a systematic fashion and is highly influenced by what we think and feel. The mind and the body are looked as two separate entities, but it’s intertwined with one another in the most intricate ways that no scientist can even explain.

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When tuition teachers have a one-to-one session with students, or when students arrange for a consultation session with school teachers, there’s so much more going on than just the learning aspect of it. Teachers have a knack in assessing the level of understanding that students have of a topic or concept by looking at their facial expressions. Tutors test concepts by pimping their students. They look at how confidently and spontaneously their students answer the questions that are posed.


Behind every person, there is a story untold, there are battles no one knows about. No matter how well a robot is designed to teach, it would not be able to show feelings of compassion or empathy. Students these days are suffering from mental health issues , and it is now, more than ever, important for a tutor to take their student’s mental well-being into consideration.

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You may ask what are some things that tutors do which are acts of compassion. Here are some examples!

  • Encouraging students to open up on their feelings when they look distracted during classes
  • Letting students take a break and wind down if they look burnt out
  • Asking students if they feel insecure or incompetent 
  • Addressing the issue of imposter syndrome
  • Having an open talk about the struggles of managing academic and personal life

And the list goes on! Only a human being with emotions can possibly comprehend the complex problems and feelings tangled in them. Tutors always go ahead of what they have signed themselves up for and figure out holistic ways to guide students. Without a healthy mind, one can never learn.


There are various career-matching services such that technology can churn out options based on students’ interests and areas of academic strength. The input of information gives an output of possible career options that students can take up. However, there are a plethora of factors to consider before choosing a career.

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There are many instances in life when students need to make difficult decisions. It is in those moments that a real person with real feelings, experience and knowledge can guide. A robot may give a student practical suggestion, but the nuances of decision making can never be seen in a product of Artificial intelligence. Tutors are the only ones who can guide in a effective manner in such matters.


Students are often in a confused state and are unable to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Innate abilities and talents can possibly be picked up through a machine and processed to churn out some results. But a lot of this is dependent on the capacity of the mind and the thoughts it creates.

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As human beings, we underestimate and overestimate ourselves on many occasions. It is important for a third person, like a tutor, to assess us objectively (devoid of all the biases that the opinions of ourselves may contain). One should manage weaknesses and capitalise on strengths to succeed in life, and this can be done with the guidance of a great tutor!


There is a sense of personal connection and emotional attachment to the relationship of a student and tutor. This is irreplaceable and can never be replicated by technology. When students succeed in life, they can attribute it to the various things that teachers teach, even beyond academics.

Life is not just about learning to land a good career and earn money. It is all about growing as an individual, overcoming undesirable habits, being grateful and doing something good for others before leaving the face of earth. Only teachers can accomplish this; technology can never replace this!