With S$90m, NTU Launches 3 High-End Digital Media Research Centers

The three IDM research centers in Singapore are supported by the Media Development Authority and the National Research Foundation. Here, the research is supposed to be conducted on the latest IDM technologies followed by early tests based on these new technologies. It is approximated that the research staff will constitute of about 75 members and 74 scholars including both local and international students will participate in the various research projects to be undertaken here over the next 5 years.

Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Singapore

All 3 research centers have been individually named as ROSE, MAGIC and LILY.

Each of these will play a significant role in advancing interdisciplinary, industry-related IDM research according to Freddy Boey, NTU Provost Professor.

ROSE: The Rapid-Rich Object Search

The visual object searches have gained tremendous popularity over the internet. Therefore, ROSE would be developing such cloud-based search technologies. Its mission is to construct the biggest structured object database comprising of about fifty million domain objects all around Asia, mainly for the mobile image search over the next 5 years.

LILY: Also Known as Active Living for the Elderly Research Centre

LILY will conduct its research on such technologies that will promote good health of the Singapore’s graying population and help them remain connected and independent.

LILY will lay its emphasis on ageless computing. Its technologies will focus on improving the health and living conditions of senior citizens while assisting them with personal e-assistants, providing the stroke patients with games that aim to assist their rehabilitation, etc.

MAGIC: Multi-Platform Game Innovation Centre

MAGIC is all set to exploit the advantages of the opportunities of the rising gaming industry. It is estimated that the global gaming industry is likely to grow about S$70 billion by the year 2017.

The focal point of MAGIC will be to include technologies such as 3D technologies for content development and its processing, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming and much more.

Singapore: Evolving Technological Educational Hub

With all such technological advances, Singapore is rapidly emerging as the technological hub in the field of education. Tuitions in Singapore have gone digital. Private tutors in Singapore as well as senior faculty members are making extensive use of tech tools and apps nowadays. Owing to the widespread availability of the internet in educational settings, we are today bestowed with a medium that can be easily customized to deliver the teaching and learning with additional skill set.

Many private tutors in Singapore deliver their lectures by making use of the digital media over the web, which provides them additional means of reaching learners, thereby enhancing the potential learning experience of both. The tuitions in Singapore are also conducted through suitable online videos sites such as via the Teacher Tube, through which the learners can not only gain knowledge but can also store the videos for future references.

Today, the internet has brought tremendous opportunities to meet the needs of teaching and learning. Understanding the web as the right delivery tool is imperative for good practice while dealing with digital media. However, the benefits will vary depending upon the context of use and also how your digital media justifies your learning and teaching experiences.

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