Youth of Singapore Need to Rise to the Occasion; it’s Time

In a recent article, ‘Youth of Singapore, it’s time to rise’ the writer invokes the youth of Singapore to stand up and air their views about political parties. According to Ariffin Sha, (the writer) decisions made in the Parliament not only affect politicians, but bear an impact on every single citizen of the country.

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Also, according to the guidelines laid down by Article 14 of the Constitution of Singapore, it’s the birth right of every citizen to speak up about the national issues, politicians, policies and problems faced by the society. The writer emphasizes that decisions regarding the societal issues are crucial and any discussion relating to such sensitive topics should not be left to the politicians alone.

The youth of Singapore have to be the change that they want to see in this world – in an attempt to spread this awareness among-st the young Singaporeans, the writer started speaking up and getting involved in politics.

According to Ariffin Sha, a young law student, he may be too young to vote, but not too young to make a difference. He further stated that the youth of Singapore is stereotyped to be “politically apathetic”. However, a quick look back into the history of the national would be enough to explode that myth.