‘YouTube for Kids’: Google’s attempt to hit the Children’s market

With the launch of its latest service ‘YouTube App for Kids’, Google is all set to enter the children’s market. Recently, in the month of December, the company gave a hint to bring forth something for kids and now it seems that they fulfill their promise. This amazing app is a resultant of the exponentially rising interest of children in watching and learning from internet videos.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUmMAAPX6E8]

Video Credits: Thenextweb

Certain reports stated that in the last three years, television watching has reduced up to 110.3 hours per month (for the age group 2-11 years). Whereas, internet video watching has increased by 87 percent. Check out here, what all it has to offer;

  1. Categorized: The content provided by the app is categorized into four parts, i.e. learning, shows, music and explore. All the four are present in a horizontal scrolling list.
  2. Kid-friendly: It comes with a home page, specifically curated for children with child friendly content. Although the app provides access to other You Tube contents too, yet they are filtered automatically for children.
  3. Creative: Special, attractive and amusing features have been added to make it appealing for the youngsters. A music sound for every button tap, a splashing screen with giggling sounds, big smiley face pop ups, etc. are a few examples.
  4. No comments: Though it will show some kid-friendly ads, yet Google has disabled the comment option for this service.
  5. Parental control: To make this app safe for children, full access to control its usage is given to parents. You can disable the search completely, limit the screen time and even cap the volume, if required.

Thus, you can let your children free to explore this amazing and useful app, as it offers content appropriate for children. It makes video surfing easier and safer process for the kids!