School buildings can be the venue of various cultural activities, fitness programs and educational centres during off hours. Besides providing space, the school can share its resources and facilities to support these activities. In this way, a school can contribute to the community welfare even after its session has ended. Many countries around the world are promoting this initiative on a large scale. Here are the top benefits of sharing school facilities with the community welfare and social activities.

It Promotes Social Welfare and Cultural Activities Program:

Sharing school facilities can encourage social welfare and cultural activities program on large scales. It is a fact that many organizers are set back due to lack of resources and space. If schools come forward to lend their space and resources, it would be of immense help to these organizers. Needless to say, the rate of community programs that would be done on a higher level will increase significantly.

All Facilities at One Location:

Apart from getting space, the people can find the basic necessities like water, sanitation, electricity and equipment at one place. In this way, they are free from the burden it takes to arrange all these facilities separately. Most of the times, these facilities are provided freely by the schools to the organizers.

 It Gives Concession to The Students:

Music classes and fitness classes give free admission or some concession to the students of that school. As such, the students do not only learn but they also save on the fees. So, that’s the win-win situation for both the organizer and the school.

It is Good for the Reputation of the School:

Giving its facilities and premises for use of community activities also works for the school image. The school wins points from the people for its noble work. It also makes the school to improve its security when it is used during off hours.