How Can You Motivate Your Child to Learn Outside of their Tuition Classes in Singapore

Motivation has several positive effects on children’s learning and behaviour. It first increases the initiation and persistence of activities, then directs them towards a particular goal. Motivation is an orientation towards learning, and is tremendously important to helping children find success. Even though school and tuition classes serve as our children’s primary source of academic

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Technology for the World of Special Education

3 Exceptional Ways to Implement Technology for the World of Special Education!

Handling the students with special needs is a challenge in itself. And now that technology is ruling the world, there is something for the teachers who work with special needs students. This not only broadens their students’ experiences, but also helps to engage them in learning, enhance their socialization, retain information, and much more. Let’s dig into the matter and find out 3 easy ways to add technology to special education.