5 Breakthrough Technology Trends Every Classroom Must Have

In this ever changing digital world, educators are pondering over the possibilities of integrating technology not only to teach the students but also to promote real-time connections of the content and coursework. Here are the unique technology ideas that must be deployed in a classroom for all that.

3D Printing:

3D printing plays an important role to shape up the imaginations of the teachers and students at all grade levels. A 3D printing technology brings the creations and the projects of the students to the life. It is equipped with many real-world apps that help students to build cross-curricular connections.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality devices can prove the cutting edge approach to learning and teaching. VR enables students to see the new dimension in learning. For instance, history students can explore Greek building while having the same lessons in the class. He or she experiences the virtual presence at these ancient structures with the help of the data glove. In short, VR devices bring the lessons to life.

IOT Devices:

The ubiquity of the smartphones, laptops and the tablets make it easy for students to learn and explore from anywhere. For example, they can use their devices to research on the animals while on a zoo trip. They simply expand the learning opportunity!

Videos (Flipped Classrooms)

You are well aware that you can learn better by visuals than by words. Hence, integrating video tools with classroom learning is a great idea. A teacher can deliver his lessons via videos when he or she is absent instead of leaving the wall of text notes. It is also a great tool for communicating with the parents. On the other hand, a student can learn through videos and recorded lectures at home and interact with the teachers.

Wearable Technology:

The major benefit of using wearable technology in classrooms is that the student learns and explore at his own pace. They are worth your investment! Since wearable technology is compatible with most devices, it simply unlocks tons of benefits. The students can capture the notes instead of writing it down; they can also use multimedia for research; or watch the procedures in real-time