5 Essential characteristics that Succeesful Math tutors need to possess

Mathematics is admittedly a challenging subject because by nature, it has abstract concepts and various nuances to it. The interesting part is that this subject has various forms of real-life applications, meaning, we can see mathematics being manifested all around us in various ways.

Internalising mathematical concepts can be easy for some students while others may unfortunately lag behind. When weaker students see themselves performing poorly in a few tests consecutively, they will start to realize that they much slower than their peers and this will take a toll on their confidence.

When a student’s confidence is shattered, he would start to feel hatred towards the subject and this will lead to frustration and helplessness. This mentality is extremely unhealthy; it’s a downward spiral. In such a case, if there is no proper attention being given to students, if they do not get the necessary assistance, the specialised guidance, consequences can be detrimental.

Hence, students seek external help and this is precisely the reason why the tuition industry is booming in this day and age. Considering that Singapore’s math syllabus is known to be one of the most challenging among many other countries across the globe, Singapore math tutors take special care in honing the mathematical skills of their students in order to cope.

As such, let’s take a more detailed look at the 5 essential features of a successful math tutor!


It is absolutely crucial for tutors in general need to be supportive of their students; to be their motivational force and pillar of strength. A tutor’s specialised guidance gives a sense of companionship and happiness while learning and it rids the feeling of being lonely. In students’ academic journey, good tutors will support them at every step of the way no matter what happens. They are there to encourage their students to rise from failures with courage, and to celebrate their students’ every accomplishment (doesn’t matter how small or big!). A sense of trust and mutual respect and understanding keeps the students motivated. Friends and parents may criticise or express their disappointment but tutors never let their trust and hope on their students shatter.