5 Tips To Choose The Right POA Tutor in Singapore

Principle of Accounts is certainly not an easy subject to excel in because it involves the understanding of complicated concepts and it requires a repository of knowledge of how accounting functions on a larger scale and how it’s applicable in our daily lives beyond the work at a bank. Many students feel intimidated by this subject initially because not everyone can understand and internalise abstract concepts with a lecturer or teacher reading off key points from PowerPoint slides.

What could be more confusing is the new technical terms which are used to explain the concepts. Learning complex concepts and applying them to solve real-world problems given in question paper can be difficult and it certainly will be if you are doing it all alone without any assistance or advice. Guidance is essential for this subject and that is precisely the reason why most people would recommend students to opt for Principles of Accounts tuition.

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The problem that kicks in is the confusion on how to select the right POA tutor. Benefits of hiring a POA tutor are numerous but harnessing those benefits depends on how well we choose the right tutor as well.


A good POA tutor will be able to effortlessly simplify complex concepts into simple ideas in order for students to easily internalise them and be able to comprehend its application in the real-world. Concepts are not easy to be understood by just reading and re-reading the notes. It has to go above and beyond all that because one needs to understand the reasons behind the concepts that are being highlighted. Only a good tutor who knows the subject in and out will be able to easily breakdown the big chunks into smaller “bite-size” bits. This way, though the process may seem slow, it will be much steadier and it’ll be easier for students to continue building on the strong base that they have built for themselves with the help of POA tuition.


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Not everyone fortunate enough to spend lots of money on tuition because there are people out there who are held back in their expenditure due to minimal household income. Moreover, not all tuition agencies have high tuition fee rates because this essentially depends on various factors like rental rates, expertise of the tutors, amount of resources being supplied to students, etc. One thing that we should realise and understand is that expensive tuition rate does not necessarily mean that the quality and standard is just as high, hence it’s alright to work within a budget. The quality of tuition depends on the kind of tutor we hire.

Finding the right tutor solely depends on what kind of preference you have as a student. Some may prefer teachers who are of a younger age (there will be a friendly relationship), some may prefer those who are experienced (ex-MOE tutors), and so on. Tutors of different age groups and a different level of expertise have different methods of conveying information and offering knowledge to students. Tutors vary in the way they look at the subject, conceive it and teach it to their students. Teaching POA is not all that easy because concepts are complicated and students will find it challenging to internalise and process large amount of information which is foreign to them.
One thing that students should necessarily do is to look through tutor profiles and analyse properly to decide which tutor will be the best for them. Only students will understand what their strengths and weaknesses, their learning capabilities and ability to grasp information. Hence, by reading through tutor profiles and personal statements, they can make an informed decision as to which tutor will be the best to guide them to success.


School tutors may be dismissive and demotivating towards their students and this will take a toll on their confidence. It takes lots of time and effort for everything to manifest itself in the form of good results, but tutors communicate the importance of being patient and persistent to their students. Only good tutors can the biggest pillar of support to guide them along the path and there is no way a student could feel insecure and helpless. Being able to motivate a student well is a key characteristic of a good POA tutor.

Students are often confused and concerned about their future career options and especially for Principle of Accounts, most people have a cloudy understanding as to what is the best career option for them. Even at the stage of studying, students may be unsure as to how to maneuver themselves along the way. Most POA tutors have a good knowledge of the plethora of options available and they will be able to guide students according to their interests and convenience.

It is essential to not wait too long till problems snowball into an unmanageable predicament. POA tuition will be a great way to excel in the subject but keep in mind to list out the pros and cons and analyse every factor before choosing the right tutor.