6 Ways to succeed under challenging Singapore Math Program

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In this day and age, mathematics is a prerequisite subject for many jobs on demand and should students perform well in it in their high school, they have high chances of having a strong career ahead of them.

As we all know, students learn in different ways and at a different pace. Hence, we can vouch for the fact that there will be students who might struggle to keep up and comprehend what’s going on during lessons and exams. There are several ways to help students get their A grade in math no matter how slow of a learner they are.

So, let’s take a look at the 6 ways to successfully excel in Mathematics!


Math tutors are the best people to guide is because they will analyze and understand what their students struggle with and what their weaknesses are. Math tutors in Singapore will also teach strategically, such that the student gets customized help system to hone his or her math skills and knowledge.

In addition to that, math home tutors are great moral support. Mastering mathematics is not all that easy as it requires persistence and perseverance even when met with one failure after another. Students who are weak in mathematics and who are not confident about dealing with the subject will get into a visceral space filled with helplessness. Math home tutors will do their best to turn all that around and patiently guide them out of the pain and teach them how to love the subject and be the best at it.


Students often fixate themselves on using very specific problem-solving methods to finish their mathematic sums but these few sets of techniques cannot be used to solve everything. Excelling in Mathematics requires you to understand that you often have to derive the solution using various methods; through trial and errors. One needs to understand the concepts and know how to derive the solution on the spot during examinations.

Assessment books and practice papers are the best way to get face-to-face with challenging questions of varying degrees of difficulty. Cultivate the healthy habit of completing a certain number of pages in an assessment book every day or finishing one practice paper every 2 days, and this will come in handy. You will be well-trained at the end of the day.


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There is a significant emphasis on conceptual linking in math, but students think that this phenomenon is exclusive to the sciences. If you take a careful look at the questions in your math papers and dissect the questions, you will be able to then see that there will be several topics linked in one question. For example, differentiation, a rate of change and volume can be all linked within one question. This means that students are required to understand how different spheres of the subject is associated with one another and with that understanding, they should be able to apply that to solve real-world problems as described in the questions during examinations.

Sounds intimidating, but practice and patience help you tremendously.


Some students seem to grasp quickly and excel, while others, unfortunately, lag behind. Performing poorly in a few tests and realizing that they are trapped at the nether ends of the grading system will take a huge toll on their confidence. When confidence is shattered, students would start to form hatred towards the subject and everything goes downhill from there.

It is essential to be persistent and to always have faith in yourself. Your math tutors are always there to guide you and you are well-equipped with all the necessary resources. You just need to give yourself some more time to see your efforts being manifested in the form of good results.


It’s exactly what it sounds like. A truly successful person will not let his or her victories, be it big or small, get to their head. In other words, do not become over-confident. Even if you have topped the class for a test, you would not have gotten a perfect score, meaning, you still had made mistakes. Even if you have lost just 1 mark, identify why that happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


The best way for you to internalize what you have learned is to teach others. When attempting to teach someone, your brain organizes the information you have learned in a coherent manner and everything will make sense.

ALL IN ALL, keep in mind that great success can be achieved with a great amount of hard work. Don’t stress yourself; enjoy what you study and everything will become easier.