7 Reasons why Home Tuition is good for your child

There is a general opinion amongst students that tuition is almost a necessity to aid their education. The quality of education and its rigour has increased exponentially over the past decade and the education system aims to prepare students to specialise in specific fields and students are compelled to continue progressing at a rate which is often too much to handle at times. This is inevitably challenging and students may feel helpless many times as they would feel that there isn’t much breathing space to study at a pace that they are comfortable with.
Academics have become some sort of a competition for students whereby they pin against each other and stress about strategies and techniques to further push themselves. Many times students unknowingly travel beyond the boundaries and their limitations which causes them to reach a breaking point.

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Unfortunately, the teaching and resources provided in schools are insufficient for students to perform well in their examinations. School teachers have to handle a classroom with many students and they cannot provide personalised attention to fulfill every students’ learning needs, which is essential for students to progress.

Many see themselves make a huge transition in their academic performance with the aid of home tuition. So, here are 7 reasons why home tuition is good for your child…


This is one of the biggest differences between learning in schools and one-on-one tuition, and it is also one of the biggest advantages. Many parents end up googling on “tips on how to select the best tuition services in Singapore”, and “advantages of home tuition” to be more informed, so as to guide their children. Such information does indeed give clarity and in fact, they are true accounts and opinions stated by people who have benefitted from home tuition. A smaller student to teacher ratio is an important factor that allows students to be so much more focused during lessons as there are no sources of distractions around them. On the contrary, in schools, there is a high chance of undue distractions, students may be exhausted and tutors may even waste their precious time disciplining them to maintain a conducive learning environment. With home tuition, there is a fixed time being allotted, during which students can learn comfortably and without distractions.


Home tuition services in Singapore always aims to provide the best and hence tuition teachers are usually well-qualified and have a reasonable number of years of experience in teaching. The realm of teaching is not easy, and it requires one to have patience and persistence to sustain.
Teachers who sign themselves up to be private tutors possess all the qualities that benefit a good tutor because they know that tutoring one child will be intense and challenging; moreover, tutors recognise that more personal attention is to be given. Knowing all the challenges that come with this job, tutors always make an active effort to do the best for their students.

Home tuition gives parents a great relief as it gives surety that their children are under proper care and attention. Students are supervised, guided and well taken care of by tutors because tuition teachers are the catalyst to students’ academic progress and success. Students will be so much more focused during lessons and there is much more breathing space and freedom to ask questions and clarify doubts at their own pace.

A teacher should be like water that can be contained in any shape and size of cups; which is basically adaptability. Every child will have a unique learning style and learning needs. A good home tutor will be able to give personalised guidance and this is one of the biggest advantages. In private tuition tutors will change their teaching methods and style, as well as techniques and strategies in order to suit the student they tutor.
Tutors are also well aware of the thin line of difference between guidance and molly-coddling. Home tutors will not always be sweet with their words and not everything will be hunky-dory; they will be strict and stringent when necessary. They will undeniably be a huge source of motivation and inspiration as well.


Schools have an almost ritualistic way to teach certain subjects; take the English language as an example. In schools, teachers flash answer keys of comprehensions practice papers on the visualizer and hand out well-written model essays done by seniors or peers. This is a stark contrast to how home tutors handle this subject.
To illustrate this point, a private tutor would perhaps analyse texts and passages with their student, discuss topics, and make their student write précis based on the readings. They would then proceed with evaluating the student’s work, correct the grammatical mistakes and explaining the ways in the work could be enhanced by possibly changing sentence structures, adding more vocabulary words, etc.

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The study materials given in schools are usually not enough and more often than not, the resources are restricted to what the syllabuses demand and do not provide information or insights beyond the syllabus. Sometimes an extra explanation is required to understand some topic in much more depth. This is the reason why home tuition in Singapore also has free test papers and tuition assignments to train students. The practice is of paramount importance to excel and hence students require a constant supply of resources to continue honing their skills and to get better, making fewer mistakes in each round of practice.

Students with one-on-one private tuition often attend lessons from the comfort of their own homes and this reduces lots of undue traveling time. This is a particularly convenient option for upper secondary and junior college students who have to spend a lot of their time in schools due to extended curriculums and extra-curricular activities which are very time-consuming and certainly exhausting. With home tuition, there is lots of flexibility, and students can make themselves comfortable to study with a fresh mind.

It is pretty obvious that attending private tuition has many advantages but children may not understand the impact private tuition could potentially have on them, and they may agree to attend tuition in acquiescence. As parents, you need to advice your child on the benefits of home tuition and guide them to make the right choices. If you know that your child needs help, one-on-one tuition is an excellent way to go and many senior parents who have had chosen this path can vouch for its effectiveness.