A Journey Into The Mind Of An Ultimate Procrastinator

We are equally guilty of this habit of procrastination. No one has to teach this to us; we naturally do this all by ourselves. Tutors advise their students to set goals and make to-do lists to keep themselves on track. However, maintaining self-discipline and sticking to the schedule is of utmost importance; this is something that most procrastinators lack!

Here are the reasons why procrastinate, and how we can overcome them to be more productive!

A Surge Of Dopamine

Pleasure can be understood of as one of evolution’s smartest move as it enables individuals to seek out rewards and act on everything that is necessary for survival. However, this has turned into something adverse in this modern era because abundance breeds unhealthy habits such as addictions.

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The neurotransmitter dopamine has a crucial role in giving us the motivation to seek rewards and to distinguish the good from the bad to act on our wants and needs appropriately. Though we are evolved, we are basically animals and we seek out pleasure and instant gratification; it’s our natural response.

How can we counter this?

Acknowledge It

Many of us are in the denial of having this habit. Denial is however, an unhealthy habit in itself. When you identify and acknowledge a problem, you are most likely to think of steps that can be taken to counter it.

Some might confuse themselves between acknowledgement and acceptance. Acceptance of the state of procrastination is just laziness. Instead of letting things be the way they are, it is important to at least ask for some help from someone.

Enjoy Being Productive

Some of us are too distracted by the temptations that surround us that we do not realise the joy that comes with being productive. Many have problems with starting a task as the mind only thinks of the challenges that lie ahead. Instead of worrying unnecessarily, one should have a positive outlook and tackle challenges are they come by.

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Once you start somewhere, you will eventually find your way through and get going with a faster pace than from what you had started. You will soon find the joy in being productive as it would keep you occupied and there will be no room for undue stress and worrying thoughts.

Deadlines And Rewards

An effective way of completing tasks would be to set yourself deadlines and adhere to them. This requires discipline and practice as staying on track with a pre-set schedule is not as easy as it may seem. You can make this experience much enjoyable by giving yourself some rewards at the end of each task. This will spice up your routine.

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It may be reading a couple of pages of your favourite book or treating yourself to a favourite dish for dinner. There is no hard and fast rule to getting things done; you’ve just got to find out what works best for you!