Work-Life Balance

The Importance of Work-life Balance

Stress has become part and parcel of our lives, and everyone roams around with it without knowing how to tackle it. In the context of education, everyone from students to tutors is worried about and occupied by various concerns. Issues that arise during work and school hours would inevitably penetrate into personal matters. It’s hence

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Equality & Equit

Equality and Equity in Education

Equality and equity two similar terms that in fact reflect two very different concepts. Equality fundamentally means sameness while equity means fairness. So, what does this refer to in terms of education? Equality is where the school and tuition teachers provide every student the same resources and materials to study. Equity is where the kind

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Ways To Battle Negative Feelings

The main reason behind feeling negative and suffering from depressive disorders may vary for each and every person. Many children are suffering in silence, and they do not realise that they can seek help from their parents and tuition teachers. Students often brush their feelings under the carpet or seek help from their friends who are equally

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