Are Gadgets Increasing Social Quotient of Youngsters in Singapore

We are all social creatures, and we live in a world where we interact with friends, family and co-workers every day. Even though we don’t really realize, our behavior and attitude has a great influence on all those around us. This influence is our social quotient!

How much influence to we hold online, how loudly can our voice be heard in the social arena is what makes for our social quotient. And believe it or not, with the easy access that our gadgets give us to these social networks, they are indeed helping us build upon our social quotient. Over the last few years, many agencies that offer home tuition in Singapore have strongly advocated the idea of maximizing technology/gadget usage in a youngster’s life in a guided manner.

Social Quotient

Right since childhood, our focus is on developing our IQ (Intelligence quotient) and EQ (Emotional quotient), however the most important – Social quotient often goes ignored. Even if a private tutor in Singapore took care of all your academic needs when you were young, you need to understand that needs of a modern kid are different. The world has changed a great deal over the last 15 years. However, in today’s connected world we need to be aware of our social responsibilities to become a responsible citizen. Social media has provided us a platform to become more intelligent and socially responsible. And gadgets that youngsters are using in Singapore are contributing exceptionally to help them in expansion of their social quotient.

How to calculate Social Quotient

Having understood what social quotient is and how different gadgets that youngsters are using are helping them increase their presence online, it is important to know how social quotient is calculated and how you can increase it.

The social quotient is a measure of your online presence (which is increased with the easy access to social networks and other similar platforms from handheld gadgets like, smartphones, tablets etc.).  This score is a measure of influence you command in specific areas of user interest. In total an access of 50 variables are calculated to track a person’s social score. This mainly includes – Trust, Network and Authority.

Singapore Students

  • Trust Score is generally a measure of a person’s authenticity
  • Network Score is a measure of how well the individual is connected across various social networks
  • And authenticity score measures the command a person holds (in influence) across various social platforms

What can you do to increase social quotient with gadgets

  • The most important thing to increase your social quotient is to increase your presence on social networks, and this is only possible when you have some latest gadget in the hand that gives you around the clock assess to your social profiles.
  • Next up is to improve upon you trust score. Try and be as authentic as possible and be what you are in the real sense.
  • Improve the quality of content that you share, this will grow your authority as it will be share more frequently.
  • Share and socialize with people.