Boosting up the Education System to overcome Talent Storage

While addressing the nation at the recent South China Morning Post’s China Conference in Hong Kong, the Chief Executive for Asia Pacific of China’s video streaming and e-commerce service provider LeTv said that Hong Kong needs to improve its education system if it wants to retain its competitive edge.

“Improving education is like stirring a big bowl of soup…”

Here is what all steps can be taken to bring in those effective changes for enhancement and improvement of the education system.

1. Evidence based training that is evaluated for its effect on teaching & learning

Four things can be done-
– be clear to determine what kind of learning we value for getting teaching focused on this learning;
– making investment in effective expert development;
– evaluating and measuring properly the teaching quality by using multiple sources of validated proof to support analytic and constructive improvement
– evaluating the impact of whatever changes made in the most possible robust way.

In all, there’s a need to bring-in a more scientific approach in the education system.

2. Assessment must be focused on supporting learning and waning intervention.

Schools should design assessment systems, which actually aid teachers improve learning. Assessment models can clearly determine which children need more attentions and support early enough to intervene.

3. Leadership continuity is essential.

Leadership is crucial in sparking reform as well as sustaining it. The leaders of an improved system should possess longevity and should be active enough in improving systems plus cultivate the next generation of system leaders. This will ensure a smooth transition of leadership and long-term continuity in reforming goals.

Hope these tips would benefit school systems around the world in navigating their path to improvement.