Cloud based innovation making education accessible to all

It has been seen that education institutions in many Asian countries like India are constrained in resources, in terms of technology, funds and skilled personnel. In addition, there is a lack of general awareness of standards and technological possibilities in these nations. On the other hand, institutes in the US and Europe demand high standards and quality, and are eager to spend plenty of money.


In such a scenario, GreenCLouds – cloud based solutions for education employment markets, are proving a great boon.

What is Green Clouds?

Green Clouds is a venture comprising of cloud based solutions for or the education and employment markets promoted by Nicholas George, over his 20-years of servicing businesses including customers from publishing, certification providers, universities, state bodies and Fortune 100 companies.

I found that despite the huge leaps we as a country were making in adoption of technology and mobile, the benefits of it were not being seen in terms of access to opportunities for education,” said George.

GreenClouds has already been very popular and won mBillionth award in 2015 for WizcheQ – a web quality validator tool to ensure that websites built for clients met Web quality and accessibility standards.

Purpose of Green Clouds?

Aimed at “putting education on the cloud and making opportunities for education accessible to all”, George and his wife, Celine initiated GreenClouds in 2010.

In many ways, this is what drives the way we do things. We believe that browser advancements, device proliferation and cloud computing open up immense possibilities for the education sector. Our ambition is to leverage these advancements to make education relevant, inclusive, accessible and affordable,” said George.

The main goals of Green Clouds are:

  • Offering sufficient access easily to disabilities and limited access to bandwidth without a dilution in experience.
  • Offering greater awareness of accessibility requirements, support on what needs to be done to become accessibility compliant to encourage educational institutions aiding them become Web-accessible and standards conscious. WitcheQ is one such venture.
  • Enabling students to engage reliably with educational institutions during the admission process.
  • Offers a web authoring solution, Wizdes – a web experience platform that makes it possible for users to design, develop and publish their standardized websites.

It is important that ventures like Green Clouds come up more and more to support and enhance education and facilitate using internet technologies by the students unbiased.