Which is Better – Coaching Classes or Home Tuition?

The mode of learning has taken a huge turn recently, especially due to the pandemic. Hence tuition classes and coaching classes have become something mandatory to survive school. Math tuition and English tuition have a high demand as those subjects are becoming difficult to excel in.  


Home tuition is becoming famous among students as it is one of the biggest pillars of support for students in Singapore. It is one of the reasons why  Singapore’s education is looked upon as a model though its a rigorous one.  

There are many doubts about whether coaching classes or home tuition is better. So, let’s take a look at some differences!


Home tuition provides much more flexibility with regards to the location. Coaching centres typically have a limited number of locations around the country. It may be difficult to find one which is near the student’s house. Home tuition on the other hand can be conducted directly at the student’s home.

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This allows students to eliminate both the cost and effort of having to travel a long distance for their lessons. Many students face the problem of exhaustion during their lessons due to travelling. This can be avoided by picking home tuition.  


Although the cost of home tuition and coaching can vary a lot, coaching is generally cheaper than home tuition. This is because home tutors have to travel to their student’s home to conduct their lessons. This becomes a problem especially when home tutors have to travel to many different student’s homes per day. This can be very tiring and time-consuming.

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Thus, home tutors generally charge their services a lot higher to cover their costs. However, teachers who teach at coaching centres do not have this added travel cost. But they may also charge higher to cover the rent of the place they conduct their coaching sessions. Regardless, coaching is a more economic option than home tuition.


Home tuition is usually one-to-one while coaching sessions have multiple students. Thus, home tuition can provide students with more personalised lessons as compared to coaching. Home tutors have the freedom to change their teaching style and their study material.

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This allows tutors to make the lessons much more effective. It is much more efficient as teachers can understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses. The syllabus and study material for coaching is generally fixed cannot be moulded to match the students’ preferences. 


Teachers conducting coaching sessions are generally well-experienced with the examination format and syllabus. They are aware of what exactly students need to do to be able to perform well in the examinations.

They also have experience teaching many batches of students about the methods to do well in the examinations. They are aware of the common mistakes that students tend to make as well. Thus, they can teach students the ways they can improve and refine their learning.

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Home tutors are not as specialised (comparatively) to help students as they are more focused on helping students build their fundamentals. But this is not a major difference as both options help students excel at the end of the day. They build on the fundamentals and teach the tips and tricks to do well for a particular examination.  


Teachers who conduct coaching sessions generally have a lot of teaching experience and a relatively high teaching level and are known to help students produce good results. However, students do not have the liberty to choose their teachers for coaching, unlike home tuition.

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This added freedom for home tuition allows students to do more research on their tutors’ backgrounds. This enables them to make their own decision on which tutor is suitable for them. Some students may consider this better than coaching while other students may consider the other option. Thus, this point generally depends on personal opinion.


Having multiple students attached to one teacher is not always bad. Home tutors have more flexibility and freedom. However, having multiple students allows them to interact with each other and help each other improve.

It will also allow students to have a friendly competition with each other, motivating them to push themselves to do better. Each student will also have different strengths and weaknesses. This gives more opportunity for them to learn from one another.


There is no hard and fast rule at the end of the day. Its ultimately up to students to pick the mode of learning which best suits them. Each student has different pace in learning and has different learning needs and preferences. Hence, its crucial to carefully analyse and pick the option that best suits personal learning style!