Coursera: Know More about this Online Learning Platform

Learning has moved from traditional paper formats to online. Whether it is about volcanoes and earthquakes, as was previously available in encyclopedias, or about comic strips and literature that required a library card, learning can be done online.


Coursera is one such platform that has brought the learning experience online. As many as 1200 students have already completed courses taught by seniors on the online platform. Here are a few things you need to know about Coursera:

1.The Offerings

A total of 532 courses are already available online. These courses are offered in the fields of Arts, Physics, Music, Audio and film among others. The platform is open online and has already become massive.

2.The Teachers

The question that arises immediately is that who teaches these courses? Courses on Coursera are taught by professors and educators from universities. For example, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has contributed to three courses on the platform, in the fields of psychology, physics and music.

3.The Partners

As of October 2013, the platform is partnered by 107 universities in total, while the courses are taught by an accumulated 731 instructors, including professors from NUS and NTU.

4.The Working

The technicality of accessing courses of Coursera is quite simple. You simply have to create an account and log in. Once logged in, the learning begins. Students can check presentations, give mock tests and for certain courses even get certifications from the offering university that are duly verified by Coursera.

5. The Students

Who takes the courses at Coursera? Well most of its students are full-time workers. More than 70% of the students work full-time, around 14% are unemployed and the remaining fraction works part-time. It fulfills the ambition of keeping in touch with the latest in academics, while applying it at work place for better performance.