Education And The Pandemic: The Challenges That Students Have Had To Face

The pandemic has created a chaos all around the world. From economic instability, to increased rates of crime, and more people being pushed into poverty, societies all around the globe have lost the stability that they had previously. Among the various drastic changes, education is one of them.

education in the pandemic
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Students have had to change their perspective on learning and adapt to new ways of acquiring information. Tutors had to also change their teaching methods to and mode of teaching in order to suite the changing needs. The impact that the pandemic has made on education is a significant one, and the ramifications were completely unexpected.


Although we realise that everyone is affected by the pandemic one way or another, it is part of human nature to worry about our own problems more. We tend to think that our challenges and problems are the worst, however, it is important to realise that all of us are in the same boat. We’re all struggling to sail against the storms and it’s a mission and a half to get through this tough time.

The psychological implications that pandemic has had on students is like never before. There are lesser opportunities for social interactions; which is absolutely unhealthy since we are social animals. Students have had to spend most of their time by themselves and this has taken a toll on them since the level of loneliness experienced has gone past a limit.


Who knew that one day students will be having group study sessions through tiny screens of their phones and computers! Whether we like it or not, this has become the reality of today. Students who study better when left alone were not the ones who suffered as much during the pandemic. However, this has become a difficult time for those who love to study with their friends and enjoy the physical presence of their friends around them in classrooms.

online learning
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With the aid of platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, group study sessions have been made possible and thus students aren’t that affected after all. Imagine how this would have been for such students if such a pandemic had struck a few decades ago when such technological advancements were not made!


One of the biggest complaints that many had during this pandemic is having a mundane routine. Students had nothing else to do then to study the same subjects over and over again, attend online tuitions and attend online classes. All of this seemed too robotic and mundane, and the confines of home did not help brighten up the situation for sure.

daily routine
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It is hence why health experts had advised students to change their routine often so that it doesn’t seem as though they are doing the same thing again and again every single day. Incorporating physical exercises and meditation into the day and changing up the order of tasks for each day are some ways to break the monotone.

The pandemic has certainly caused a whole lot of confusions and uncertainty. It has left a lot of students wondering about how they will proceed further with their learning and educational pursuits. However, it is important for all of us to keep in mind that challenges can be overcome and learning opportunities can be created even in such adversities, should everyone have a positive learning attitude!