Top 15 Places To Visit In Singapore For Educational Tours

Singapore may be a little red dot with limited land space. However, while land scarcity is an issue presented to Singaporeans time and time again, this Lion City actually has a lot to offer. Ranging from exhilarating playgrounds to museums, Singapore has the best kids-friendly educational tour opportunities. In order for children to develop holistically, it is crucial for them to have both practical and academic exposure. On top of their studies in school, they should also be constantly exploring things outside their little bubble and comfort zone. Listed below are 15 places for educational tours in Singapore for parents to spend quality bonding time with their child whilst igniting that curiosity within each and every child. 

1.Yakult Factory 

Coming in top of the list would be none other than the Yakult Factory. I am sure kids are definitely familiar with the mention of Yakult. For those that don’t, the Yakult factory is a great place for children to learn about this amazing probiotic drink, the company’s founder as well as history. The guided tour around the Yakult factory would include a tour around the cultivating room and the seeding room. The packaging and manufacturing process will also be part of the tour and of course, not forgetting yakult tasting session! However, it is to be noted that an advance booking of about 6 months is required. So, hurry now!

2. Pastamania Kitchen Tour 

Yes, this is another food educational tour for children to have fun during their school holiday. Pastamania is the biggest casual dining chain in Singapore and besides serving premier tasting pasta and pizza that whet your palate, they even offer a kitchen tour for children to learn about the history of pizza and pasta making and how yeast and flour are mixed to become dough. This kitchen tour also even provides hands on experience for children to have a go at making their very own pizza! How cool is that? 

3. Hay Dairies Goat Farm 

Other than food, there are other educational tours to pique a child’s curiosity. Hay Dairies Goat Farm is a popular choice amongst parents and children. Located at 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane, Hay Dairies Goat Farm offers farm visits in which you can view the milking process of goats as well as olbserve the feeding process of the goats in person. For schools intending to bring students on an educational farm tour to the Goat Farm, an entrance fee will be chargeable with an educatonla tour package included. 

4. Gardenasia KIds 

An educational tour at Gardenasia KIDS the best way to discover nature. The GAkids Edutainment Tours for instance involves creating a miniature garden, providing hands-on workshops for children to learn about ecology and nature in a unique way. 

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens 

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a huge space worth exploring. Families can make a trip down to the Singapore Botaninc Gardens for a stroll in the park. On top of that, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is built to cater to children and it is often frequented by children during the weekends! With the new extension, there are three main themes of trials to explore, namely Naturalist, Gardener and Adventurer. Additionally, the interactive touchscreens and animated screens definitely makes the tour more engaging and enjoyable. 

6. Singapore Air Force Museum

Wait, Singapore even has an Air Force museum? Yes! For children who are fasiincated with airplanes, helicopters and cockpits, this is definitely for them. An additional incentive is that this museum is free to the public, so feel free to bring your kids here for some fun and educational time. There is an indoor and outdoor museum, so your kids can see the actual planes such as the E2C Hawkeye and BAC Strikemaster as well as explore the indoor museum like the old air force artefacts.

7. Radio Station Tour 

A radio station tour sounds a little too exciting. Interested to know what happens behind the radio stations? Well, make a trip down to the tour! A highly information and education experience for children as they explore the behind the scenes of Traffic watch stations and many others!

8. Trick Eye Museum 

Trick Eye Museum is definitely the place to have fun and ignite your curiosity and spark for optical illusions and perspective. Located at Sentosa Gateway, the museum is originally from Korea and it features Augmented Reality (AR) features to its exhibits. Make lots of memories and snap away as you step inside the exhibits and take surreal pictures. 

9. Underwater World at S.E.A Aquarium 

A trip down to the aquarium is one of the best things to do during the weekend! It is perfect if the weather outside is scorching hot and you would like to enjoy the cooling breeze of aircondition whilst marvelling at the over 1000 marine species which S.E.A Aquarium houses. 

10. Kidsstop 

Welcome to a world of science, with 20 and more interactive exhibits featuring themed zones such as The Innovation Lab, Flight and Space and Built Environment. Their Educational Programmes for schools include many interactive activities and tech toys to stimulate their creativity and senses. In addition, there is the music room where musically stimulated and gifted children can select a myriad of musical instruments and compose their own music!

11. Newater

Ever wonder how Singapore recycles dirty water into clean drinkable water safe for our consumption? Well, a guided tour at Newater is suitable for your children to educate themselves on the process! It is an enriching tour coupled with interactive and informative screens, promoting the importance of water sustainability and the process of how NEWater is produced. What’s more, it is free of charge hence feel free to bring your children on a trip to the NEWater visitor centre. 

12. The Kranji War Memorial 

Though not much acitivites for kids to have fun here, the Kranji War memorial hours people from the Commonwealth who passed during the World War II. Every Sunday of the year closest to 11 November, a memorial service would be held to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the world war. 

13. The Philatelic Museum 

This museum may not be that well-known nor really heard of. It has an interesting name and in case you didn’t know, philately is the study and collection of postage and imprinted stamps. Explore the many stamps hailing from different origins as well as their history. It is very suitable for students and kids who wish to know more about all things stamp related! Just take note however that the museum is closed for renovation from 18 March 2019 to 2022.

14. Haw Par Villa 

Haw Par Villa cultural park may give off an eerie vibe with scary looking statues stationed outside the main entrance. Despite its exterior look, this cultural park actually has a lot to offer! It is a theme park featuring many statues which tell stories of Chinese folklore and the stages of Chinese hell, which may be a little daunting for young children. 

15. Bollywood Veggies 

Last on my list of recommended places for educational tours would be this 10-acre farming facility tucked away in a rustic place in Kranji. Their educational programmes include learning about the farm, the countryside and connecting with nature. There is even a bistro called the Poison Ivy Bistro which serves wholsome and home cooked style food for families to fill their tummy after exploring the place!