Top 12 Playgrounds In Singapore For Your Child

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This proverb highlights the importance of play and leisure for students, especially as education in Singapore is highly rigorous and the significance of completing homework and assignments have been ingrained in children since young. Singapore may be small and suffers land scarcity, however believe it or not, there is a plethora of playgrounds in Singapore hidden amidst lush greeneries and parks for parents to bring their children to! Ranging from indoor to outdoor playgrounds, swing sets to trampolines and ziplines, parents and toddlers will definitely be spoilt for choice! Additionally, the distribution of playgrounds islandwide ensures that no family is left out and fun is definitely guaranteed. With the outbreak of the pandemic, staying cooped up at home all day is detrimental to your health and mental wellbeing. Taking a breath of fresh air outside with your little ones or having a fun outdoor playtime with free access to parks and playgrounds stimulates our mental and physical wellbeing, recharging us for the day ahead!

As such, I have rounded up 12 playgrounds in Singapore for you and your child to have a blast!

Top 12 playgrounds in Singapore

1. Coastal PlayGrove

Located at the former Big Splash site, Coastal PlayGrove is an astounding 4.5 hectares big. The Play Tower is self proclaimed to be one of Singapore’s tallest outdoor play features. As it is relatively tall and long, the Play Tower which consists of a 16m Vertical Challenge is suitable for only youths aged 13 years and above. However, do take note that it will only be open from Tuesdays to Sundays. Additionally, there is the water play area which caters to children aged 5 to 12 years old. It is perfect for a splash in such hot humid weather like Singapore. Coastal PlayGrove is located at Area B of East Coast Park, so easties, what are you waiting for!

2. Admiralty Park

Nestled in the heartlands of Woodlands, Admiralty Park is said to be the largest park in the north area of Singapore. Admiralty Park houses a nature playgarden, a walking and jogging path and over 40 different bird species for people to bird watch. The park also features the most number of slides that could be found in any parks in Singapore. It has a whopping total of 26 slides, and many other amenities for parents and their toodlers to relax at. A unique feature of this Admiralty Park is it’s inclusive playground that caters to children with and without special needs.

3. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

This park under the Nparks has been revamped and renovated into two big tunnel slides, a pond which includes sand as well as a pirate-ship like structure for the little ones to have fun! For children looking to have a rush of adrenaline in their veins, fret not as the playground houses a total of 8 swings, of which 6 swings are for older children and 2 swings are for the younger children! Given the playgrounds proximity to restaurants such as GRUB and large open spaces to walk dogs and fly kites, it is definitely a perfect space for families to bond and enjoy quality time there.

4. Forest Ramble at Jurong Lake Gardens playground

Coming in third as Singapore’s national garden park, Forest Ramble at Jurong Lake Gardens is  a nature inspired playground which features a snake play, squirrel play and an otter play for children to explore and have fun at. It is a place filled with exploration and self discovery as children traverse and make their way through elements such as Adventure Bridge where they have to balance on logs, with handhelds at the side to boost their confidence level. Additionally, Monkey Play is also another popular choice amongst students as it mimics monkey actions and allows for children to swing from vine to vine. However, do take note that Forest Ramble is closed on Mondays for servicing and for maintenance.

5. COMO Adventure Grove

Nestled within lush greenies and trees, COMO Adventure Grove aims to provide and mimic a timeless experience of playing and exploring in the trees. It is part of the Gallop extension and thus COMO’s layout and infrastructure is largely inspired by distinct trees. The 5.8 m banyan tree tower has netted ropes at the top, and children seeking a rush of adrenaline can swing from vines to vines which resembles aerial roots of trees. COMO Adventure Grove also has two long tube slides, so fret not if your child really wants to have a go on the slides!

6. Tiong Bahru Park

Which child would not resist a tilting train with multiple slides and swings. The Tiong Bahru Park playground is well-known for its classic, state of the art titled train structure which is always teeming with children during the weekends. Fully padded with soft sand, the place is suitable for children aged 3 years and above to enjoy a day filled with exploration and parents need not worry should their children fall since the sand protects them against the damage. Be sure to bring along a spade and bucket to create wonderful sand castle building memories with your child!

7. SuperPark (indoor playground)

An indoor recreation center cum playground located at Suntec City, SuperPark is popular amongst adults and children alike due to the myraid of sports related activities it offers to all age groups and fitness levels. Your hyperactive children can have a go on the trampoline as they bounce away all their stress and excessive energy, unleashing their creativity as they freestyle their way in the air. Unlike the above mentioned playgrounds, SuperPark is an indoor playground and it is not free. To enter, children have to pay an admission fee of $23.90 for those under 100cm and on weekdays it is $28.90 for students. Adults also have to pay an admision fee of $33.90. Only children under one year of age need not pay.

8. Kiztopia (indoor playground)

You have probably heard of this one. Kiztopia is a favorite amongst children in Singapore. It is highly raved for its massive area that 18 different zones span across. With such a big area, slides, trampoline and obstacle courses are definitely included in the package. To be future ready, Kiztopia even has an augmented reality segment to expose children to mild levels of virtual reality. Kiztopia is so well loved by children because it has stations and set-ups which encourage play pretend such as cooking or working at a fire station. Hence, it is definitely worth the bucks!

9. Gardens By the Bay Musical Playground

Now, this recommendation is a little different from previous ones. Singapore is known as a “Garden City” for a reason. It is astounding that such a small nation is able to house a wide array of playgrounds that cater to different age groups and interests. This Musical Playground is located in the north-western corner of Gardens By the Bay South and is made up of eight percussion instruments. What more, these percussion instruments come with a book of music sheets for children to follow while they explore their musical inclinations.

10. Wonderland Playground at Dawson Vista

This playground really lives up to its name as Wonderland. Its vibrant and colourful structures were inspired from the children’s classical “Alice in Wonderland”. Furthermore, many people do not know this but Wonderland Playground is one of the new HDB thematic playgrounds. Kids will surely be enthralled and fascinated by the Clock Trampoline and “magic shrinking potion” that the playground offers!

11. Great World City Playland

Tucked away in Great World City shopping mall, this playground may not be that well-known amongst parents. The open air playground is located on the second floor of the mall and features a travel theme, with hot air balloons and pirate ships. It is a great choice for parents who would like to do some shopping whilst letting their children have fun and let loose!

12. Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport

During times of covid, travelling out of the country with your little ones is definitely not an option. However, there are always other things you can do to keep them occupied! Checking out the Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport is one such activity. Located at the topmost level of Jewel, this posh looking verdant garden under a glass dome actually has slides and mazes for children. It is yet another indoor playground, suitable whether rain or shine!