Enjoy Halloween Treats in Singapore

With the Halloween creeping up, Singapore is all set to celebrate with various spooky All Hallows events. Read along to know them all.

Fright Nites: 1-31 October


4D Adventure Landon Sentosawill be offering special three Halloween varieties this month. It will include the Journey 2 the Mysterious Island, Desperado and Extreme Log Ride. These would be shown from 10am to 7pm.

You definitely need to hold on tight to your motion-capsule; try to protect yourself from getting engulfed by your host converted into a monster in the Panic House, or you can just sit on one of the moving saddles and enter a virtual game to slay the zombies in the Grip of the Undead.

A special Halloween maze, Trapped will also take place on select evenings.

Halloween Horror Nights 3: 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 26 & 27, 31 Oct & 3 Nov

Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Singapore has been turned all new for the third Halloween running. The theme park now has a number of haunted mazes and houses that will keep you gasping for breath. The central characters this year will be three witches who have reincarnated.

Museum of Horrors-The Twins: 18-31 Oct

This time the scare fest returns for its fourth edition. The story line this time is of a revengeful spirit of a woman who was brutally murdered by her sister. The woman was murdered right before her wedding. The participants have to slowly move through the maze that has dioramic sets displaying various haunted places inand around Singapore.

Cursed Studio: 19 & 20, 25-27, 30 & 31 Oct

Cursed Studio event involves the investigation of murder mystery of two DJs. The participants have to enter the haunted studio to collect relevant evidences to find the culprit and solve the mysterious murder mystery. If failed to do so, you might just get trapped; ghosts will then have you for lunch. A total of four members are allowed in a team (minimum age limit is 13 years).

Sentosa Spooktacular: 19, 25, 26, 31 Oct & 2 Nov

The Thai movie productions along with Sentosa will showcase about 5 of the most haunted Thai movies this year. Participants will be given various haunted tasks like collecting various body parts of a butchered corpse to survive the deadly night. The movie scenes reenacted here would be from the films- Coming Soon, Pee Mak, Dorm, shutter and Body.

Race the Dead: 26 & 27 Oct

The participants need to make a dash of about 5 km across Sentosa against the monstrous flesh hungry living dead. Each runner will be presented with two life tags out of which one must be preserved while making it to a safe destination. On your way, you would be confronted with lot many obstacles including zombie attack.

X-Out Halloween Carnival: 26 & 27 Oct

Enjoy Halloween Treats

The deadliest monster in the entire carnival is your pack of cigarettes. Well, that’s how things are at X-Out Singapore.The event involves a number of games and activities including anti smoking playback theatre. The horror maze will highlight the evils of smoking. It aims to convince people to quit smoking, as if that’s easy!

Tanah Pusaka–Haunting Stories of a Land Possessed: 31 Oct

Enjoy Halloween Treats

Get ready to confront the monsters that crawl under your beds at night. A narration of local tales upon which the nightmares would be held, it involves characters such as toyoland bomoh(from traditional Malay folklores).

Happy Halloween!

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