All About Edusave Scholarship Award in Singapore

The Edusave Scholarship awards are given by the government annually to Singaporean students to motivate students to excel both academically and in non-academic areas. Different awards will focus on different aspects of the students’ excellence. Some awards are academic while some are more character-related in terms of leadership and service for example. This acts as an important source of motivation for students to be their best, or at least try to aim for the best in everything they do. The scholarship given is not a one-time recognition; whereas it carries on in a student’s portfolio and serves as a great source of support. 

There are many services-based Edusave awards. The most common one is the Edusave Character Award (ECA). Students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities will be eligible for the award. About 2% from each school will be selected for this award and before this there may be an interview process at their respective schools for them to be selected.

Students will be nominated based on the recommendation of form teachers and/or subject teachers. The amount of money received from the ECA will depend on the age of the student and the information can be found online.

Another award that focuses on leadership is the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES). This award is given to students who have demonstrated leadership and also done service to the community and schools. Similar to the ECA, the students will be nominated based on teacher recommendation and there may be an interview depending on the school. For this award, about 10% will be selected from each school.

There are also many academic based Edusave awards. The Edusave Good Progress Award is given to students who are within top 10% of their school in terms of academic improvement and also have good conduct. However, they must not be recipients of the Edusave Merit Bursary to be eligible for this award. There are also Edusave scholarships for government, government-aided and specialized schools which are given to students who are within the top 10% of their school in terms of academic performance. These awards aim to motivate students to focus on their academics and achieve high grades. 

Students who receive Edusave awards can be notified in different ways. Schools may directly notify students through email or even face to face conversation. Students can also receive a notification letter from MOE if eligible for the award. Once the student is selected for the award, they will receive their award monies by cheque. In some awards, for example the Edusave Character Award, the student may have to attend a prize presentation ceremony to receive the award along with other students from other schools.


Scholarships in a way is a good way to lift the financial burden a little off the shoulders of parents because admittedly, education in Singapore is expensive and sometimes it can take a toll on children and parents mentally. Beyond the practical tangible benefit of the Edusave scholarship, it is also a great source of motivation to push themselves!