Future Technologies that Are Likely to Change Classrooms

It certainly cannot be predicted how technological advancements will shape the overall education, but there are a number of cutting edge technologies, which are swiftly making their way into modern classrooms. These technologies are certainly going to change the whole concept of classroom learning. So let’s get to know them better.

1.    Bio-metrics

Technology Class

The technology used to identify humans on the basis of specific behavioral and physical traits is known as Bio-metrics. This technology is certainly going to benefit the future classrooms as it will assist the intelligent software in understanding the emotional and physical state of the children studying in classrooms. It will analyze various physical aspects including facial expression, skin moisture, heart rate, body odor, etc. and will generate detailed report of the understanding and performance of individual students.

2.    Augmented Reality Eye-Wear

Augmented Reality (AR) can be defined as adding up of additional layer of data atop of the reality which we see already. Then be it the Oakley THUMP style that the students are wearing or the data sent directly to their AR lenses, implications in education with the use of this technology are tremendous. Students are certainly going to benefit from this amazing immerse learning experience.

3.    Multi-Touch Surfaces

With multi-touch surfaces becoming more affordable and advanced, we can be ascertained that the early concept of multi-touch is going to change the face of the future classrooms. Just think of workstations where every student is going to collaborate live with his friends from all over the world at one stop. This way, students will be able to manipulate all the virtual objects available to them. Millions of online resources with streaming videos and numerous virtual tools, all of this and much more will be available with just a single swipe.

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