A Guide To Dodging The Curveballs Of Hardships In Life

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”. Most of us will complaint endlessly about the hardships in life and worry about the challenges in life. We would risk life and limb to achieve what we want in life, and we would have to bypass people who have a habit of fishing in troubled water. Teachers and parents have gone through their fair share of experiences in life, and we can learn a lot from their anecdotes as well.

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The key to keep going is to keep in mind that the tides can turn any moment. Hence it is not wise to lose hope when something does not go the way one desires. When one knows how to get pass the hurdles in life, it is possible to achieve anything that one sets out for.

Do What’s Right

It is of paramount importance to do the right thing always, even when no one is looking. The best virtue that one can hold up and keep up to is being righteous. This is something that many forget about and even the smallest of mistakes that is being committed can cause detrimental consequences.

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One should either learn to bend to the truth or learn to live a lie. Truth may be bitter at times, but it is something that one should learn to accept. Some may choose the shortest route possible to get things done, even if it is not the right way of getting it done.

Don’t Settle For Mediocracy

Some would give up easily in life when they buckle under pressure. However, it is absolutely important to keep in mind that nothing can be achieved if we never take risks. Mediocracy has never created history and every great mind has gone through challenges to achieve what they had set out for.

The moment we say, “this is enough”, we wouldn’t take extra steps to go ahead and beyond to do anything. Despite having all the potential and knowledge, if effort has not been put in, everything would be gone to waste.

Other’s Opinions

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We care a lot about what others think of us. It is human nature to worry about others’ opinions and to be overly critical of ourselves when a small criticism comes by. The best of the lot would know that constructive criticisms should be taken up and used for self-improvement. One should learn how to take others’ opinions and use them effectively to develop one’s skills and talents.


It is good to have expectations of ourselves and have ambitions for us. However, when we expect too much from others, or for situations to turn out a certain way, we would end up disappointing ourselves and this would lead to lots of hardships. One must learn how to control emotions, make the best out of the most difficult situations and learn to accept the reality when needed.

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Fulfilling expectations that parents and teachers have of us is also intimidating. However, this is part and parcel of life. What is most important is for one to learn to always do their best no matter how challenging the going might get.