How Can You Motivate Your Child to Learn Outside of their Tuition Classes in Singapore

Motivation has several positive effects on children’s learning and behaviour. It first increases the initiation and persistence of activities, then directs them towards a particular goal. Motivation is an orientation towards learning, and is tremendously important to helping children find success. Even though school and tuition classes serve as our children’s primary source of academic growth, their learning process should not be anchored within the classroom’s four walls.

In recent years, we see the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) enhanced efforts in implementing avenues for children to learn beyond traditional settings. For one, MOE is riding on technology to make learning resources readily available online, so that children in Singapore can be more driven to engage with their own specific interests. These are strategies that lead children to continue persevering over the long haul and keep working despite hurdles.

But with more distractions revolving around than ever, getting them to engage in learning actively is a challenging prospect. How can parents in Singapore then help our children possess the basic aptitude and enhance their desire and ability to learn?

Helping Your Children Take the First Step to Discover the Joy of Learning

Recognise Achievements and Celebrate Them – No Matter Big or Small

It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a child – everyone wants to be recognised for their achievements. Thus, it is highly important to adopt a positive mindset and acknowledge them even for the smallest triumph. Providing an enabling environment alongside consistent positive reinforcements help to develop our children’s confidence and self-esteem in their early learning years – when they need it the most.

Encourage Open and Sincere Communication

Effective communication is a crucial part of child development. You want your children to be comfortable talking about their experience in school and tuition, and what really bothers them. By creating an open atmosphere, your children are encouraged to say more, and to share their feelings and ideas. Beyond that, it sends a message to them, telling them that you value their thoughts and feelings.

Leverage their interest

Every child has his or her own set of interests. Find out what subjects and topics captives them, and you will have a sure-fire way to make learning fun for them. For instance, if your child is continually displaying fascination towards aircraft, find more reading materials about it and challenge them to investigate further.

Be Their Ally, Display Interest in What They Love

What are your children passionate about? Discover what inspires them and what they are good at. When it comes to getting children engaged, you must first display sincere enthusiasm towards what your children love – this enthusiasm rubs off and enables them to feel good about learning, naturally. Go forth and initiate activities around these topics, and you’ll realise that your children can’t wait to get involved.

Unleash Their Imagination Through Experiential Learning

Learning is a life-long journey of new discoveries. Get your children to actively participate in the learning process – hands-on. The act of doing makes learning extra personal. This approach has been proven to be effective in boosting children’s engagement, which results in them gaining a deeper understanding of the subject.

Build Resilience and Ruggedness Through Experiment and Play

More than just fun and games, play is a serious business when it comes to a child’s development – far more critical than most parents realise. Children learn better when they are enriched, excited and engaged. Moreover, it helps your children understand the world around them.

Collaborate With Their Tuition Teacher

The best outcome can arise from an intimate and seamless collaboration between parents and their trusted tuition agency. By forming a seamless partnership, you are essentially fostering a strong support system for your children. More than just a tutor, they serve as a mentor who can offer a fresh perspective to your children.

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