How do Secondary Math Home Tutors Help Students get Better Grades?

Secondary school mathematics has become much more complex and it is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. The syllabus is always changing. The group of students who are affected the most is secondary school students. They feel intimidated to cope with the steep learning curve.

To handle this well, being prepared and having a clarity of what is being taught is important. Excelling in Mathematics is not impossible. In order to get hold of the subject, it requires lots of time, dedication, persistence and perseverance. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t all alone could be frustrating and students may end up feeling hopeless.



The expectations of students have evolved and the syllabus demands much more from students. Students need to be critical thinkers in order to know how to apply the concepts that they have learned to solve real-life mathematical problems and think out-of-the-box for novel situations. This can be rather challenging for students to struggle with all by themselves and hence, the help of a secondary 4 math home tutor is required.


In order to perform well in Mathematics, students need to have internalized concepts completely. They should know their formulas at their fingertips. This could be slightly challenging for students because everything would be new and there would be uncertainty. Expert secondary math tutors will make sure that they explain the concepts thoroughly to their students, get their students to practice beginner-level math questions to test what they have learned and solidified their basics. This way, a strong foundation can be built for much-advanced concepts to then be taught and understood.


Smaller student to teacher ratio is one of the biggest advantages that private learning offers. Students will be so much more focused during lessons as there are no sources of distractions around them. With personalized attention, tutors can figure out the specific strengths and weaknesses of the student. Then a tutor tailors his or her teaching methods in such a way that it suits the student’s learning needs. The rate of improvement would be much greater that way and study sessions will be much more effective as well.


Questions test students’ ability to be creative in their thinking and to try different methods to derive a solution. Students are mostly unable to succeed in this, maybe due to many reasons such as learning gaps, learning insecurities, a weak foundation, etc.

The best way to cultivate this is through consistent practice. By practicing more and more questions, which target the weaknesses, students would get used to thinking more deeply, and it becomes something much more casual; there would no longer be any more fear.


Students easily lose confidence when they are unable to comprehend what’s going on and when they are unable to solve Math problem sums. As the saying goes, “Experts were once beginners”, so tutors are well aware of how a student’s confidence can take a beating in the initial stages of learning. Tutors will always try their best to push their students beyond the boundaries. They encourage their students to try their best in every way possible!