How Has Technology Impacted the Singapore Education System?

Technology, in its most advanced type, has already been introduced in education in most countries, developed ones mostly. The rest of the world too is eager to make technology commonplace in the area of education, regardless of what good or bad it has to offer.

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Inevitably, Singapore is the county that has quite astutely led the charge for the world when it comes to designing technology specifically for education and thereafter, employing it. And as anticipated, Singapore today is the best-performing education system in the world and educationists from across the world and in the country itself credit this achievement to technology before anything else.

What Has Technology Done for Singapore Education System

Technology has Transformed Learning

Though technology is always pervasive in nature, the educational think-tank of Singapore has been able to take away the best and slam what could affect students and the entire education system. Eliminating the need of technology as a dominating tool, they have shown keen interest in just studying the manner in which technology transforms learning.

The key has been to bring learning to its highest possible level for the learners through the best exercise of technology, regardless of which stream of study they come from.

Technical Advancement Have Changed the Role of a Teacher

Singapore is one of the highest-performing education structures in the world and this can be reasonably attributed to the availability of highly qualified educators there. Since the application of the most advanced technology in education in Singapore is a part of the overall progress strategy of the country, there’re negligible if any chances of heedlessness in this regard.Education in Singapore

Despite all the achievements in the area of education, the Singapore education system strongly believes that there’s a huge scope of development there. Teachers are adequately facilitated to adapt to the latest technology-ridden teaching techniques and make the changed educational process look simpler for students.

Smart Use of Digital Learning Tools

This is the aspect where Singapore outdoes its nearest rivals in the area of education. The country aims not only at modernizing its traditional education methods, but also ensures that the use of technology is made student-oriented. Veteran educationists strictly believe that learning to exploit modern technology in a learner-centered manner is probably the biggest challenge that can ever show up in the process of making an education system completely hi-tech to lead the world.

Besides having almost all digital tools for learning, Singapore education system prefers improved standards of learning to having more modern teaching aids and excessive information. Being a small country, Singapore makes huge investments to implement modern technology in schools and this has so far shown amazing results.

Technology and Modified Curricula

A remarkable shift in the approach of educationists who set curricula for schools is probably the best that technology has bestowed to education in Singapore. Now, they know how to make curriculum more student-centered and create an ideal teaching and learning environment by enabling the latest Information and Communication Technique (ICT) system.

The Singapore education system has been experimenting to make learning content and classrooms more natural (flipped classrooms), with all modern teaching and learning modules available.

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