How home tutoring helps in the success of your child’s education?

It’s not easy to be the best out of all in the Singapore education system because studies are challenging and there is tough competition. Students are extremely hard working and the top scorers are often neck-to-neck with their standard of performance. And since it is this challenging in nature, the tuition industry has started booming recently as many students seek the help of tutors in order to push up their grades.

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What are the concerns that students have?
>Will I be able to catch up with my peers?
>Will I be able to reach my target grades?
>Will I be able to follow up on lessons conducted?
>Will I be able to progress from failure?
>Will I be able to get into the college I want?

And there are so many other concerns for which leaves students to feel clueless and helpless…Fortunately, one-on-one tuition is an excellent way to go and students feel much more confident with their academics!

Here are a few ways how home-tutoring helps with the success of children’s education…


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With a smaller student to teacher ratio, it is an important factor that allows students to be so much more focused during lessons as there are no sources of distractions around them. However, in a tuition centre with many students, there is a high chance of undue distractions that could be created and tutors may even waste their precious time disciplining them to maintain a conducive learning environment.

A good tutor, especially in one-to-one tuition, will be able to give personalised guidance and this is one of the biggest advantages. In private tuition teachers will change their teaching methods and style, as well as techniques and strategies in order to suit the student they tutor.


Not anyone can become a home tutor, and hence tutors who have their profiles put up in tuition websites are qualified and equipped to teach students. Their expertise is what will guide students to reach for their goals. Tutors also especially recognise that more personal attention has to be given to students in dire need to improve as fast as possible and thus they will take the necessary actions to provide the best for their students.
Also, tutors will provide their practice to make perfect and hence students require a constant supply of resources to continue honing their skills and to get better, making fewer mistakes in each round of practice.


Students who attend home tuition have the luxury to comfort of their own homes. This reduces traveling time and its particularly convenient option for upper secondary and junior college students who have to spend a lot of their time in schools due to extended curriculums and extra-curricular activities.


Tutors will be able to guide students very well in unique ways in order for them to progress and handle downfalls with ease. It’s not an easy journey but students need to learn to be persistent and work with determination.