How technology is helping the toddler’s learning process?

Recently, it was found that technology in the form of robots, toys and much more helps pre-school students to develop their cognitive abilities and learning skills. These advent tools and technologies have made education more interactive and practical. And this is the reason why Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) brought forth a programme called PlayMaker. It basically includes usage of technology-enabled toys in order to create confidence among young children. Making them familiar with the technology at the tender age gives them an opportunity to perform better in academics and sports together.

While this is just one example, there are more to come in future. It is highly essential to include technology in education programs.

Toddlers with Technology

Image Via Telegraph

Here are few reasons to explain its importance:

  • Boosts the thinking processes:
    Even the experts now believe that technology provides greater support to the pupils thinking processes. Helping in acquiring several problem-solving skills through the instructional software, it helps in designing problem solving methods. Along this, it also assists in acquiring the complex concepts, representing the abstract concepts graphically and lots more.
  • Encourage Motivation:
    Secondly, the introduction of technology boosts the motivation and self-esteem among children. The professionals have observed dramatic effects of technology on students, resulting exponential rise in class and sport activities.
  • Preparing them for the future:
    The introduction of technology significantly prepares the students for the next years. In future, the world will be completely dependent on the technology in one way or the other. Thus, the respondents foresaw a future for students make them competent for both higher education and the general world infused with technology.
  • Promotes equity:
    This one is specifically for those institutions or schools serving students from low-income homes. Incorporating technology, a better and equivalent chance is given to these students. These tools help them to compete with children from more affluent backgrounds.
  • Create creative minds:
    There is a common misconception about the slower learners that they cannot be creative. With technology it is easy to inspire creativity. The struggling learners can excel in specific areas, create their own games and make a career of it.
  • Help students to overcome shyness and social challenges:
    There are few students who hesitate or feel shy confronting their teachers and other students. However, using technology helps in overcoming their shyness and learning difficulties. The teachers get an easy and competent way to monitor the progress of these kids. They can then encourage the shy kids to interact more and save them from being victim to bullying or cyber attacks.

In all, the age of technology aids in facing all the challenges and bring the change which will influence their overall education!