How to Become a Tutor and Attract Students for Private Tuition?

Tutoring is a job that is attractive for many because there are many liberties associated with this. But in a 9-5 company job that requires you only to be seated at a desk all day. Particularly, being a private tuition teacher in Singapore is a boon, given the stressful lifestyle that typical jobs give. It is a job where people can help others achieve their goals in their academics or generally in life and at the same time, it also has a decent salary. But you should also know about how to attract students for private tuition? Almost 97% of students in Singapore have had a tutor. Even, the tuition agencies in Singapore are steadily growing. The tuition industry worth increasing over the years, it seems like the right time for anyone to step into it.

Firstly, you must have the necessary qualifications to become a tutor. Tutors must at least have at least an A level certificate or a diploma to be able to work with students. This is the bare minimum qualifications. Most of the parents will not be willing to accept a tutor who has only completed O level or lower. The higher the qualifications, the more attractive you will be as a tutor to your target audience. For example, a tutor with a bachelor’s degree is more likely to get chosen by parents or students as compared to a tutor who has an A grade at A level.

Secondly, similar to any other job, you will seem like a more suitable candidate if you already have at least a bit of experience in teaching. This experience can be obtained by volunteering at any non-profit organization to teach students. However, it is important for tutors to put in their hearts into teaching at these organizations. Not just teaching for the sake to get more experience and have a more attractive resume.

It is unfair to the organizations if tutors take advantage of them just to gain experience. This experience will also increase the chances of being chosen as a tutor. It will also help the tutors become more familiar with teaching and make them much more comfortable.

By now, it should be possible for you to get a few students with affordable private tutor rates. Teaching and nurturing these few students is a very important step to solidify your career path. You must be able to teach the students well while maintaining a friendly bond with the student. Then they are also comfortable with you teaching them.

If you are able to improve their grades significantly, there is a very high chance of the parents recommending you to more parents. Then your number of tutees may start to increase. Helping these first handfuls of students successfully will also help to increase your credibility as a tutor, further strengthening your chances. 

At this point, you can start to advertise on different platforms so that more people are informed about your skills in teaching. However, at the end of the day, it is important not to lose sight of the goal of teaching. Being a tutor is not about yourself, but about the students that need help to become stronger in academics.