How To Find A Suitable Economics Tutor In Singapore?

Economics is a fascinating subject, which is gaining attention from students for the past few years. Ever since globalisation had started to take over the world, the needs of countries all over the world has changed. New government policies are enacted, new technology is being invented and everything is becoming digitalised as well.

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Due to all these drastic transformations, the education system has to evolve to adapt to numerous twists and turns as well. This is the prime reason why economics is one of those important subjects that has become a challenge for many students to excel in for their examinations.

Economics is typically chosen as an H1 or H2 subject in Junior college and this lays the foundation for many economics and math-related courses in university. Most students these days opt for Economics tuition in Singapore as it’s a true saviour!

Let’s take a deeper look as to how you can choose the best economics tutor!


Some students may have basic knowledge of concepts and may be unsure of how to apply themselves to solve questions. Some others may have problems writing out their essays succinctly, or question dissection may be the real issue for others. Some students may not even have a clear idea of what these basic concepts in micro and macroeconomics are!

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The approach to teaching each and every student is different. This is the reason why, as a student, you need to figure out what you need. Do you need a young and relatable tutor who can explain concepts in a simple way? Or do you need a more experienced ex-MOE tutor who handles the subject in a much different manner based on his or her vast experience?


A tutor-student relationship is extremely special and both parties need to have mutual understanding in order for actual learning to take place. Those who choose to sign themselves up as home tutors have to upload a personal statement as part of their tutor profile in a tuition agency website.

With the increased scope for tutoring jobs in Singapore, more and more undergraduates, degree-holders and ex-MOE tutors are willing to take up home tuition as their career. The personal statements reflect tutors’ personality and this is also one of the important deciding factors, apart from the academic qualifications and achievements.

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You need to choose the tutor whose personal statement resonates with you. Think about your very own learning needs and choose the best tutor whom you think can help you in the best way possible.


Some tutors might be more experienced in the teaching field while others might be experienced in the working sector in economics-related jobs. Part-time tutors may be working in a firm or another company which gives them the perspective of how subjects learnt in school are applied in the real-world to solve every-day problems. Full-time tutors who once worked in the private sector before coming to teaching would also be able to give different perspectives for the different concepts learnt.


You may not always hit the jackpot and choose the perfect teacher. Sometimes the tutor may be a little stricter than expected, and sometimes the tutor may use teaching strategies that you are not personally comfortable with. Such mismatches are perfectly normal so there isn’t anything to worry about.


Instead of sulking about the situation, you can take active steps to contact the tuition agency to inform them that you are willing to find another tutor for the same subject. Some of the best tuition agencies in Singapore have top-notch tutors ready to guide students to achieve excellent results in economics!