How To find Science Home Tuition for Primary School Students?

Science has its own set of unique challenges, but the key to scoring well in all types of sciences, be it biology, chemistry or physics is the same. Excelling in science is not easy and neither is it impossible.

Primary 6 Science tutor


The education system is hailed to provide its students with a high-quality education. The pace and rigour are too challenging for normal students and weak students may be bound to feel helpless sometimes. The general reasons behind this include the over-estimation of students’ ability to be independent learners, hectic schedule due to the inclusion of non-academic commitments, the varied pace of learning for each student, etc.

Parents often struggle with finding the right Science tutor for their children, especially at the level of Primary 5 and Primary 6. Upper Primary can be a tough phase and hence it is important for students to seek guidance asap!



Primary 6 Science tutors

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Generally, when you are searching for a tutor online, each tutor will have his or her profile set up which includes the details of the tutors’ qualifications. There are various categories of tutors; undergraduate, part-time tutor, full-time tutor, and ex-MOE tutors. Different tutors have a different level of expertise and there are advantages and disadvantages that come with hiring each type of them.
They have their own strengths and weaknesses and hence it is more so according to your child’s preference and needs which will guide one to select the right tutor. Parents need to discuss with their children and decide on which category of tutors will be the best!


This is a factor that you inevitably cannot consider before hiring the tutor, but it’s something that you can certainly observe after they have begun lessons with students. Punctuality reflects the tutor’s sincerity, dedication and honesty in the work they do. If the tutor you hired is punctual for every lesson, then you could be sure that the tutor is sincere.


Getting better at a subject requires one practice over and over again to master skills. For all that to happen, a student certainly requires the sufficient resources to utilise. As a parent, it is essential to observe whether the tutor is willing to churn out extra resources for your child to practice in order to get better in the subject. This is an important feature is indicative of a good science tutor. Primary 5 and 6 science tuition tutors especially understand the utmost importance of practicing to score the top grades.


Choosing the right tutor is not a decision that one should stress over. So, don’t put too much pressure on the thought. However, it is crucial to consider the various factors to see if the tutor would be the best. You can roughly follow some guidelines but for the most part, it’s a learning experience through trial and error.