How to make Math home tuition interesting?

The education system has evolved to a great extent and there have been lots of criticisms regarding this. International diplomat and politician Shashi Tharoor commented on the education system. He said the Education system is “over-regulated and under-governed”. There are too many rules, regulations, and restrictions, but not much emphasis placed on checking out the quality of graduates. Of course, he mentioned this in a different context with reference to the Indian education system. However, this is a general concern for the evolvement of education systems across the globe.


In order to cope with the steep curve of learning, students decide to opt for tuition and especially secondary 2 and 5A math home tuition because of the fact that a one-to-one connection is much needed for personalized teaching. Beyond that, with a personal home tutor, there is a source of companionship, motivation and it’s a stress-reliever.


Math is, in general, a complex subject because there are so many concepts and each of them has much depth to it. The best part is that the topics inter-relate and there it is not an easy task to understand the correlation and comprehend how it is related to real-life application.

The most important factor is to master the basics because as students move on to more advanced topics, they build on top of the basics and hence getting the foundation strong is essential.

Tuition as a solution…


Unfortunately, the resources provided in school are insufficient for students to ace in the exam. Teachers who sign themselves up to be private home tutors certainly possess all the qualities that befit a good tutor, because they are well aware of the fact that tutoring a child alone has its unique challenges and there are many nuances to it. IB Math tutor recognizes that more personal attention has to be given and thus they will take the necessary actions to provide the best for their students.

So, what are the ways to make tuition interesting?



When technology is integrated into lessons, they would be more interested in the subjects. It provides different opportunities to make learning more fun and enjoyable in terms of teaching. They would have better knowledge retention as well. Education cannot be forced down one’s throat and everything should occur organically. Understanding this phenomenon, tutors utilize technology at its best to provide all that they can for their students so that interest is cultivated naturally.


Your students are not puppies; they are children. So, it’s important that we get it clear on what we are meant by “reward”. There is a thin line between bribing your students vis-a-vis giving them small little surprises or gifts once in a while to motivate them.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that they comprehend this system. Communicate to them that they should work hard to excel in their academics for themselves and not for the reward. Do not dangle a carrot in front of them for everything. Otherwise, children get into the vicious cycle of expecting rewards for everything they do.


Math home tutors give their students the confidence to believe in the possibility of rising stronger from a setback or failure. It takes a lot of time and effort to be reflected in the form of a good result. Tutors communicate the importance of being patient and persistent in the journey of achieving excellence. Tutors also imbibe important values that shape their student into a better individual. This holistic approach keeps students motivated and lessons are less taxing and much more jovial and light-hearted.


Be it elementary mathematics or additional mathematics, there is home tuition services readily available and math home tuition teachers are ready to guide students to get their ‘A’ grade in the national examinations!