I owe a big Thanks to my Teacher

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrated and the great teacher inspires.”

In short, a teacher plays an important role in building us and our future.

Unfortunately, Teachers do not receive the admiration they actually deserve. Most of our teachers work extremely hard, devoting their entire lives for us in educating us. They teach because they want to make a difference. It makes them feel good to put their stamp on a child that according to them can grow up and bring a significant difference in the world.

Hence, we being a student owe a ‘Thank You’ to their each and every teacher. But how!!!!

I owe a big Thanks to my Teacher

No matter whether you say just two sentences of gratitude for the efforts they made, or you present them a small present, it’ll mean a lot to them. Just do it with heart!!!!

So, to make your ‘thanks giving’ effort a memorable moment for your teacher, here are a few simple ways:

  • Beautiful flowers for an amazing teacher

    – Simply, send your teachers flowers or even a single flower. This is a terrific way to say thank you to your teacher. Fresh flowers will always put a smile on their face.

  • Surprise Birthday

    – Know your teacher’s Birthday. Plan something memorable for their birthday eve … whether it’s giving them a chocolate, a greeting card, or decorating and having the class sing happy birthday as he/she enters the class ending with a thanks.

  • Write them a note

    – Words actually express more than anything else. If gifting and surprises aren’t worth your satisfaction, keep it simple. Write some ‘true’ words – about them, abut their efforts and how much thankful you’re to them and let them know just how much they mean to you. You can also send them an email.

  • Make their Work Easy

    – This can be a great way to say thanks. Teachers have a pile of never ending work, so helping them organize their work in advance can be extremely great. Stay late and help them get organized for next day. Offer them your help to empty trash, make copies, etc.

  • A Thank You plant

    – You can make a design a clay pot on your own by crafts and paint, and sow any flowery plant in it… Probably a week before. Add a one-liner on the pot saying, Thank You for helping me Grow’! As the plant will grow, it’ll remind of your gratitude to your teacher forever bringing a smile on their face every-time.


Teachers put their 100% in building your future… now it’s your turn to return the favor…Warm-heartedly!!